Super Bowling With The Harbaughs


What are the odds of the Harbaugh brothers getting into the Super Bowl? Through probability and statistics in all the plethora of variables that were stacked against them, it seems the stars are aligning in this chance of a lifetime for these two brothers.

Expert would have never predicted such a feat for each of the Harbaughs. There were too many obstacles, too many teams in the NFL, 32 teams in all. Chopping the 32 teams in half would make up the two divisions, 16 teams in the AFC division and 16 teams in the NFC division.

What chances did they have with odds of 1 of 16 chances of each of the coaches getting into the championship in their respective division?  But this is just the tip of the iceberg. When calculation of this algorithm goes beyond just one of the siblings accomplishing this undertaking, it explodes to a whopping 1 of 256 chances of these two siblings getting into the Super Bowl together. That’s a crazy 0.39%, less than one percent of getting into the Super Bowl together.

After being pitted into the battlefield for a vigorous 16 regular season games before getting into the playoffs, there were three more teams that the Baltimore Ravens would have to face to become the AFC Champions. Baltimore would win over the Indianapolis Colts with a final score of 24 – 9, then on into the Denver Broncos Mile High Stadium and trailing early with a comeback win to end the score at 38 – 35, lastly, going into Bill Belicheck’s turf, Gillette Stadium, to outwit them by a whopping 28 – 13.  The Baltimore Ravens were underdog in both the games against the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots, yet prevailing in both games.

While the 49ers had the same toll in the 16 regular season games, though they were almost indomitable in their march in the regular season taking 2nd seat in the NFC race to earn the play offs first week’s bye. They had to outplay the almost unstoppable Green Bay Packers to ferociously trounce them at an ending score of 45 – 31, lastly, for the NFC championship, playing at home against the Atlanta Falcons, trailing by 17 points in the half to make a comeback to win with an ending score of 28 – 24.

The coveted NFC Championship team, theSan Francisco49ers, and the AFC Championship team, the Baltimore Ravens, were coached by none other than these two Harbaugh brothers.

Just like in a great movie I’ve seen many years ago, you may have heard of the series, Highlander starring Christopher Lambert, to boast their tagline, “In the end, there can only be one.” This is the very definition for every Super Bowl’s ending, but this year with a twist, 2 brothers, becoming 2 coaches in the NFL, and fighting to see who will outmaneuver the other. Epic!

This spells dramatization at its greatest, thousands of news headlines to come, and a precursor to an incredible Super Bowl that will enhance the interest of the common person.

Who’s not to like about miracles that shouldn’t have happened, about perseverance and determination, about love and humility, about family, and best of all, about two brothers that had grown up together loving the game of football, playing the game of football, and now, coaching this great American game of football at different sides of the playing field, oppositions to ascertain who would become the greatest and the best. A magnificent story of sibling rivalry at its greatest, this will become history in the making!

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