My 2009 Fantasy Football League by Jerry Thao

It’s that time of year again guys and gals! Football Season is imminent when the weather slowly dwindles down to the not-so-hot season, especially here in Minnesota. It’s a time of year when the girlfriends and wives are ranting about the disappearance of their boyfriends and husbands. This is the relentless cycle where Fantasy Football fanatics are cooped up in their make believe world of being owners of real life football stars in a weekly melee of wits in picking the right football studs that’ll get you a “W” by the end of each Monday night football.

I’ve been in the same league for the past five years and this is my sixth year in the league. Set aside the smack talking about incompetence in others ability to smack talk back, scrutinizing your friend’s ineptitude in his knowledge during the Fantasy Football draft day, and licking one’s chop during your weekly wins, it’s a grown man’s game and not for the faint of hearts. So to all the crybabies out there, please stray away if you can’t take a joke or two about how hopeless you are. It is what it is and that might just be the damn truth and nothing but the truth!

Since the popularity of this make believe world I’ve slowly hyped it up and even getting more able bodies into this year’s fantasy league. In total, the old league owners and I managed to get a total of 14 players this year, but we rather prefer to be known as owners or managers rather than just players in a fantasy league.

Here’s my starting roster after a pick up from free agency (picked up Troy Williamson and dropping James Jones) and a trade (Matt Ryan and Jamal Lewis for Carson Palmer and Braylon Edward):

QB: Carson Palmer – Cincinnati Bengals

RB: Maurice Jones-Drew – Jacksonville Jaguars

RB: Kevin Smith – Detroit Lions

WR: Brandon Marshall – Denver Broncos

WR: Braylon Edward – Cleveland Browns

WR: Anthony Gonzalez – Indianapolis Colts

TE: Chris Cooley – Washington Redskins

DEF: New England Patriots

K: Rob Bironas – Tennessee Titans

Here are my 6 subs on the bench:

WR: Donnie Avery – Saint Louis Rams

WR: Mark Clayton – Baltimore Ravens

WR: Troy Williamson – Jacksonville Jaguars

WR: Michael Jenkins – Atlanta Falcons

RB: Shonn Greene – New York Jets

QB: Marc Bulger – Saint Louis Rams

I’ll keep an update throughout my challenges this year with my fantasy league–wins and losses and the whole nine yard.  I feel very confident about the team that I have this year, so stay tune for all the future updates.

Feel free to comment me on your team for the world to see on our comment section.

Should you have any question(s) or related comment(s) that you’d like to ask me personally hit me up at [email protected].



  1. Jerry Thao

    September 4, 2009 at 4:09 AM

    My receiving core was pretty stacked but I wanted another # 1 receiver since Brandon Marshall is questionable due to his antics and Donnie Avery being on a slightly untalented team, plus the injury, of course I had doubts.

    I had another owner within the league who loves Matt Ryan (of course I do too given the additional pick up in TE Tony Gonzalez and Michael Turner on the ground and pound with Jerious Norwood on the flicker pass and lightning quick speed) and needed another running back. Since Jamal reaching the wrong side of youth (30 years) I figured I could aim for another formidable QB, in addition to a Wide-Out that seems undervalued. I found the perfect pitch in the transaction and ended up getting what I wanted. I’m pretty optimistic that Carson Palmer is getting back to his 2006-07 season and even if it’s close I’ve made the right choice–though afraid due to the constant injury aspect of him.

    MJD’s going to be a monster without Fred Taylor and Kevin Smith underrated as a rookie because he was on the worse team in the NFL in 2008, though put up respectable numbers and will bounce into superstardom this year. Anthony Gonzalez, just look at Reggie Wayne! Braylon Edward will emerge closer to his 2007 season, not a fluke. Brandon Marshall, too much trobule with his antics, but he just wants to get paid. If given the opportunity to get traded this year to New York Jets he’ll be Mr. reliable for Mr. Sanchez. Plus how about Chris Cooley, afraid about the low TD, expect more, who do they have there in Washington to throw the ball to, Santana Moss?

    Overall, it’s all before season talk, but I’m no pessimist!

  2. Jerry Thao

    September 22, 2009 at 10:41 PM

    0-2, receivers aren't producing…hurting now…need a quick 6 wins in a row to boost my morale…

  3. Jerry Thao

    November 10, 2009 at 5:58 PM

    Got my 3rd win for the season, but this season is very close between all players with a 2-3 game deficit from last to 1st place, so it's anyone's game, which one can still make the play off with 4 straight wins.

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