Linsanity has gone stale! The Jeremy Lin’s insanity hit the Big Apple just this past February 2012, but it seems so long ago, fast fading into ancient history.

Is the Knicks really going to let him go?

Once in upon a time in the limelight, Lin’s jersey sales propelled to record highs overtaking the perennial franchised names like Kobe and Lebron—a true non-fictitious “Miracle on Ice” tale in being a rare one-off media phenomenon. The hero Lin also helped the sluggish starting Knicks spark wins during his emergence that one can contend in his favor to argue in his case that he made an impact in helping the Knicks get to the NBA Eastern Play-offs.

A precursor to the going away party tells it all. The signing of guards, old man Jason Kidd and Raymond Felton makes it all to easy that all signs points to Lin going to theHoustons.

The inception  of Lin

With no show of any playable starting guards due to injuries, the New York Knicks went so far as to take a gamble at playing the Chinese-Taiwanese guard as a spectacle showing for the chanting Asian crowd as a way to lull the crowd. What came after was an onslaught of Jeremy Lin proving that he can play with the big boys. After the overwhelming successes in the Big Apple, Jeremy Lin may be waving his goodbyes.

Houston here he comes

It has been reported all over the internet and sports news broadcasting stations that Lin had signed a contract with the Houston Rockets for a 3 years, $25 million deal. If by the strike ofmidnight7/17/2012, the New York Knicks doesn’t offset the offer by one of their own, then the media phenom is definitely going to the Houston Rockets.

No matter what happens, he’s going to be a sensation wherever he goes! He’s money in the bank! I just feel sorry for all you Knicks fans out there ‘cause you all just bought his jerseys and now he’s likely to go away.

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