Jeffery Xiong: At 15, He’s The Best In The Country


Jeffery made waves in the chess world last year when he became the second youngest U.S. Grandmaster after beating GM Lazaro Bruzon at the 2015 Chicago Open and taking the top spot at the tournament. Now he has his eyes set on his fourth U.S. Junior Closed Chess Championship, happening in St. Louis, Missouri, through July 18.

“We all know Dallas is a powerhouse in football and basketball and hockey … now Dallas has become a powerhouse in chess,” Jeffery’s father Wayne Xiong said. “Maybe the general public doesn’t know, but in the chess circles people know that Dallas has been a really strong hub for chess.”

After his first encounter Jeffery started to get more involved in chess, playing in a school chess camp. “I would manage to beat my peers quite handily, so I knew that there might be something special,” he said. Jeffery says he sees himself as the general of a raging army when he plays, ordering his troops one by one across the board to do battle with the enemy.

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