Fondling with the elite Top 5 WRs or so through week 5


Eat, poop (to be politically correct in not using a derogatory slang like sh#$%@t), sleep, and fantasy football. Since draft day 2012 has begun, I’m stuck hovering over the computer, on my smart phone, and when my battery is dying on my smart phone, someone else’s smart phone. My life revolves around dreaming of fantasy football at night while sleeping, and daydreaming about fantasy football during my work hours only to come home to log into each of my 3 fantasy teams to play the waiting game for someone to make a move on the free agency just so I can pick up another player for my roster on the waiver wire. I think I have Fantasyfootballitis, the inflammation of the brain during the NFL season; which symptom includes a persistent, compulsive dependence to the substance of all fantasy football, an addiction that can extend to mood-altering behaviors that can alter your passive behaviors to become more aggressive in smack talking to your friends and family. Do you think you have this disease? If yes, here are more ways to feed your noggin!

My friends of the internet, I’ve become somewhat of an amateur expert, well that just doesn’t sound right, so back to the subject matter, I meant an amateur to this fantasy football only to be advocating this to my friends and playing the game for the past decade. I’ve come to a conclusion that I too, can predict the future, to project numbers in a trajectory manner, grabbing numbers that swirls in my mind like a soothsayer, a prophet, or the likes of Nostradamus predicting the end of the world. I think I went too far about the end of the world, what I meant to say was to predict the top 5 receivers for the year and their ending totals, so without further ado, here are my top 5 or so fantasy WRs in the NFL.

1)     AJ Green’s stock on the market ascends in an upward slope that can contend to Mount Everest’s incline. In 5 games he has accumulated a massive 493 receiving yards with 4 touchdowns amassing 72 points in a regular non-PPR league. Projections for the season: 1577 receiving yards, 13 touchdowns with a total of 226 fantasy points.


2)     Reggie Wayne is back to prominent! Experts and analysts would have never predicted old timer Wayne to be back in the limelight after losing his long time QB Peyton Manning to a neck injury a year ago. Indianapolis Colts taking a gamble drafted Andrew Luck in the first round of this year’s 2012 draft to rebuild the team. Miraculously it looks likeWayne either has luck on his side or Luck on his side to propel him back to the top of the NFL WRs corps. His reception per game is off the chart amassing 36 receptions with only 4 games under his belt as well as combining a total of 506 receiving yards along with 2 touchdowns. It’s going to be a season high for him in receptions and receiving yards forWayne if he keeps this up. Projections for the season: 128 receptions, 1756 yards, 7 touchdowns with a total of 207 fantasy points.


3)     Victor Cruz ain’t cruising for a bruising, but he’s achin’ to be breaking records this season. After a breakout year—literally—he still can’t be stopped by the likes of any secondary. He makes it look so easy adding a little Salsa dance to entertain the crowd, now known to be his signature exiting routine when he is able to haul in a touchdown pass. Currently, accruing a total of 438 receiving yards, and already hauling in 5 touchdown passes from Eli Manning. Arguably one of the best QB and WR tandem in the league for the first 5 start of the season. Projections for the season: 1356 receiving yards, 13 touchdowns with a total of 203 fantasy points.


4)     Calvin Johnson the “Megatron” destroying the Autobots too soon. Where’s Optimus Prime—Darrelle “The Island” Revis, but I’ve coined him the leader of the Autobots—when we need him? Oh well…back to fantasy football, this guy is a beast! He killed it last year, and he’s looking to blast all Autobots again this year, just you wait and see. Megatron has compiled a whopping 423 receiving yards, that’s over 100 yards average per game, with the addition of 1 touchdown. His per game touchdown shows to be a deficit from last year’s total, but he’s just getting started.Stafford and Megatron will be back bamboozling their competition into confusion: How the heck did this guy just grab the ball from me? He just pushed me…call that offensive pass interference. How come I’m getting blamed for the pass interference? The conundrum of a good receiver just doing their “thang.” Projections for the season: 1415 yards with 10 touchdowns with a total of 191 fantasy points.


5)     Julio Jones and Roddy White. These 2 receivers have elitist status in my books and the only other 2 receivers that comes into mind when thinking about who I would play on a week to week basis. Atlanta Falcons are on the map this year, undefeated through 5 games because of these 2 guys. This is the best 2 receivers to quarterback tandem in the league by far. I think Roddy White has an edge being old reliable, but Julio Jones is quickly becoming a favorite for Matt Ryan being under the helm. Projections for the season for each: both are going over 1000 yards receiving as well as 10 touchdowns in totaling points anywhere from 170 to 190 fantasy points each.


Players that missed the top 5, but in contention


Andre Johnson

Larry Fitzgerald

Wes Welker

Brandon Marshall

Hakeem Nicks*

Greg Jennings

Miles Austin

Mike Wallace

Marques Colston

Percy Harvin


* Due to injury, may have been ranked higher.


Yep you hear it here on, makin’ our own projections with many more to come.


Comment me with your top 5, and let’s start talking fantasy football!


Any additional questions or comments that you would like to say and stay anonymous, please feel free to hit us up at [email protected].



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