Fantasy Football 2012


Fantasy Football 2012

It’s been a long time coming, but officially fantasy football fanatics are back to beast-mode in perfecting their next picks on the waiver wire to ameliorate their teams for a chance of victory. Pride comes in your successes of winning; battling it out against peers, whether it’d be friends or foes. This crazed obsession gives the would-be owners to outwit their opponents to salivate and rejoice in the opportunity to smack talk about their achievements in picking a better fantasy football team.

In a three snake drafts, here are my starting team line-up:

Team 1                                   Team 2                                   Team 3


QB: Cam Newtown                QB: Cam Newton                           QB: RGIII

RB: Ray Rice                          RB: Jamaal Charles                       RB: Darren McFadden

RB: Ryan Matthews               RB: Reggie Bush                          RB: Reggie Bush

WR: Jeremy Maclin                WR: Jeremy Maclin                WR: Andre Johnson

WR: Hakeem Nicks                WR: Julio Jones                         WR: AJ Green

WR: Mike Williams                TE: Jason Witten                       WR: Mike Wallace

TE: Vernon Davis                   DEF: Ravens                                TE: Brandon Pettigrew

DEF: Falcons                          K: Matt Bryant                          DEF: Falcons

K: Matt Bryant                                                                                   K: Justin Tucker


Bench players:

1) Reggie Bush                               1) Jonathan Stewart                         1) Kenny Britt

2) Andrew Luck                           2) Dennis Pitta                                    2) Mikel LeShoure

3) Donnie Avery                         3) Pierre Garcon                                 3) James Jones

4) Jonathan Stewart                 4) Donnie Avery                                4) Phillip Rivers

5) Kevin Ogletree                                                                                        5) Heath Miller

6) Donnie Avery


Team 1, battling in a 12 man team league with a regular score format league non-PPR with 5 bench players.

Team 2, battling in a 14 man team league with a regular scoring format league non-PPR, only 2 WR, and 4 bench players only.

Team 3, battling in a 12 man team league with a regular scoring format league non-PPR with 6 bench players.


I’m 50% in leagues for team 1 and team 2, while my team 3 is sitting at a higher 75%. Only 4 weeks into the season so plenty more games to either turn it around with more wins or losses.


My only one strategy going into the draft were to get the players that I was seeking to get that had impressed me the ending year before; which meant trending in the same direction in each league in trying to acquire the same players. As you can see from each team, I was aiming for Cam Newton because he’s a benefactor in both passing yards and rushing yards. When I wasn’t able to get Newton in my 3rd league I was able to grab RGIII, which came to a surprise that he’s the league leading fantasy scorer in all format leagues—got lucky on him that’s for sure.


Good RBs are a must in all leagues, and a scarce commodity. I know I always try to get the best RBs possible to boost my winning chances for each of my teams. In all my leagues, I’ve picked up Reggie Bush as my RB2 in hopes that he continues on from the ending 2011 campaign of consistency. He was a low positioned RB who has high potential of making a big impact on Sundays for my teams. Another perk was that he was falling down to as low as the 5th and 6th round. He was a steal in most of the drafts!


WRs are my little soldiers. There are plenty of them, but only the top dozen or two wide-outs are consistent contributors week to week. Once the upper echelon of the group are swiped away, the rest are pretty much the same week to week depending on match ups. Always play the waiver wire week to week to find rookies or unknown players that may become studs towards the latter part of the season. One name that comes to mind is my man Victor Cruz. Opportunities for WRs and RBs are abundant in a fierce sport like football, so be vigilant on the waiver wire!


TEs are abundant this year, so if you don’t have Vernon Davis, Jimmy Graham, or Rob Gronkowski then pick low, as teams widespread in the NFL are utilizing their tight-ends more often than a decade ago when I started playing Fantasy Football. You can definitely get any tight-end on the waiver, to name a few that I’m still seeing in the free agency are Brandon Pettigrew, Dennis Pitta, Greg Olsen, and Fred Davis. It’s easy pickin’!


Fantasy Football gives an extra edge in watching the National Fooball League on Sundays. It gives you a different purpose in exciting you in watching more than just your team, but all the teams that you have a player playing on. It’s the greatest achievement that the NFL had ever done strategically, as a way to lure, a feat of marketing strategy that gained new fans every year. I wasn’t a “football watcher” until I started playing this phenomenon called Fantasy Football that had thrilled millions before me. The concept seems so silly, but since beng introduced to the game many years ago I’m hooked! It really sucks, routinely, I now eat, sleep, shit, and FANTASY FOOTBALL.


Let me know more about your teams. Give me your insights on my teams. Let’s have some fun while it’s still here!



  1. JoeDaddy

    October 7, 2012 at 3:54 PM

    Ok teams… RG3 is killing it!

  2. Jerry

    October 8, 2012 at 3:16 PM

    Game on…had a whack week…lost 2 of 3 leagues…another week of nail biting…

  3. anonymous

    October 8, 2012 at 10:12 PM

    Getting beat up in my league. I need help. Should I trade Reggie Bush and Marques Colston for Megatron?

  4. Jerry

    October 8, 2012 at 10:23 PM

    Why you would you do that? That’s a RB2 and a possible WR1 grade that you’re trading for only 1 player who hasn’t produce much yet this season. Yes, Megatron is a beast and can out jump them smaller corners or outwit any secondary in this league, but so can Colston on any given Sunday. Colston posted 3 TDs this weekend and over 110 yards receiving combining a total of 29 points. WRs can either make or break you on a week to week basis but Colston is the man and Reggie Bush is going to accumulate pretty consistent week to week points for you on your team. Why downgrade 2 positions to get 1, unless you have RB1s as your 2 starters and you still have someone to fill for your byes. Once the bye weeks are done with depending on your leagues trading deadline…do whatever you want to then…

  5. Jerry

    October 9, 2012 at 12:55 PM

    Week 5 ended…now on a losing streak in 2 of the 3…2 losses in a row for my teams 1 & 2, while I tied in team 3, still holding strong to 2nd place, but rather have Ws than Ls.

    Anyone undefeated out there? Wanna know your team line up…

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