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Elliott Vang helps introduce Hmong to America’s game


hepreElliot Vang, 34 years old, is the only Hmong football coach in the St. Paul City Conference. Vang coaches the football team at Highland Park High School. He grew up playing soccer but tried out for the football team when he went to college at Concordia University. Vang is in his fifth year of coaching the football team at Highland Park and hopes to be an influence to his community. Football is not a sport played in the Hmong community and Vang often shares his message about football to the elders. He hopes to lead the way and show the Hmong community that they can get into athletics and succeed. Vang is a big believer in team sports.

There are four Hmong players on the football team at Highland Park and a couple have commented that it’s nice to have someone of the same ethnicity coaching the team. Dave Zeitchick, head football coach for Highland Park, also commented on Vang’s ability to coach and believes that one day he will become a head football coach.

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