Yer Lor – Miss February 2016


As many of our readers prepare to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we want to celebrate our newest Hmoodle Beauty. Born in Thailand and raised right here in Saint Paul, this animal lover is a a great addition to our Hmoodle family. Here is the newest member, Yer Lor.

Hmoodle: I am here with the newest Hmoodle Beauty, Yer Lor. Yer, please introduce yourself to our readers.

Yer: Hi Hmoodle, my name is Yer Lor. I am thirty years old. Born in Thailand but raised in Saint Paul, Minnesota—where winter last way too long and summer is gone too soon! 

Hmoodle: I read in your bio that you have fifteen siblings. What was it like growing up in such a large household? 

Yer: Well, we have quite the age range—the oldest is forty-seven years old and the youngest is twenty-four. Therefore, we never really got the chance to all grow up together in one household, but I grew up with eight of my fifteen siblings. All I can say is that there was never a dull moment at our house or leftovers!   

Hmoodle: Did you have a particular sibling that you would always get in trouble with? 

Yer: Yes, my brother Peter. Peter is older than me but we are closest in age. My favor childhood story of us was when I was about seven years old. Peter and his friends decided to climb our fence to the roof of our garage, so I decided to climb after them. As soon as I caught up to them, we heard one of our siblings yelling, “Mom’s coming outside.” That meant that if she saw us on the rooftop of that garage—we were in trouble. So Peter and all his friends jumped off the garage with no problem. I was and still am terrified of heights ,so I just froze there on the rooftop. As Peter kept yelling, “just jump, jump now, mom is coming!” Well, long story short, I ended up jumping off the roof but I twisted my ankle and got in trouble anyways.  

Hmoodle: What was favorite thing about growing up in your household? And least favorite? 

Yer: My family loved fishing so we took a lot of fishing trips; which I miss doing. Adult life can get so busy and there is not much time to get together anymore. But thinking back, as a child—I would say that the thing I disliked the most was having such a huge family. I can’t really think of a legitimate reason why I felt that way—maybe it was the fact that I was the only girl growing up with a bunch of boys. All of my older sisters (three of them) got married before I was even old enough to really know them and my baby sister was way too young. But don’t get me wrong, as an adult I love my huge family!  

Hmoodle: Your bio mentions that you are an animal lover. Did you always love animals growing up or is it something acquired over time? 

Yer: I’ve always loved animals—particularly dogs! I especially love the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT)—I try to educate people on this breed, as there is so much discrimination against this particular breed. APBT are some of the greatest dogs—they surpassed the golden retriever in obedience testing. As a matter of fact, APBT ranks number two making number one the Labrador in obedience testing. Anyhow, I am sure my love for animals came from both my father and my grandfather—they both loved animals. Three wiener dogs own me, haha! 

Hmoodle: Besides your love for animals what other things are path you passionate about? 

Yer: I am passionate about working out and staying healthy. My mother is a huge motivator in this aspect of my life—for as long as I can remember my mother has always been sick and unable to leave the house. I cannot imagine living life that way, so I made it a point to change my health.  I added fitness into my life in 2010. I try to promote health and fitness to the people I know and via social media. I especially enjoy encouraging women to stay healthy and know the possibilities that they are capable of. Before working out, I never knew how strong I was: physically and mentally. Making this decision for myself has changed my life forever—I cannot imagine living my life without working out.     

Hmoodle: Tell us about your current education and your education goals? 

Yer: I am a goldy! I got my undergrad at the University of Minnesota in Communication studies. I am currently working on some prerequisites in hopes of applying for my Masters in Physician Assistant. I currently work in the healthcare filed as a medical assistant and I love taking care of people—that’s why I’ve chosen to go back for my Masters in Physician Assistant.     

Hmoodle: What inspired you to take the route you’ve taken? 

Yer: My decision to continue in higher education in the healthcare field was inspired by my mother as well. My mother has just about every sickness you can think of: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, coronary artery diseases, seizers, she’s had a stroke and these are only to name a few of her medical condition. Growing up I was constantly in the hospital with her and it was hard on my family, as we didn’t really understand what these diseases were. Therefore, I decided that I wanted to become more knowledgeable about these diseases and help individuals like my mother. Therefore, I decided to obtain my medical assistant and from there I fell in love with caring for people. 

Hmoodle: What’s something funny about yourself that you can share with our readers? 

Yer: I am such a people person that once you get me talking—I cannot stop! I tell people all the time that they are welcome to tell me to stop talking. Being talkative is both a good and a bad thing—I just always have too much to say! Yikes! 

Hmoodle: I think this is great place to finish up. Lastly, do you have any last words for our readers? 

Yer: Anything is possible, don’t ever limit yourself—dream big! Stay healthy!

We at Hmoodle want to congratulate for being selected as the newest Hmoodle Beauty. We are very lucky to have you and want to wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors.

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