Trina Yang – Miss January 2013


New year is upon us and that also means a brand new cycle of Hmoodle Girls. We have started the year of with a bang as we present to you the very beautiful Tina Yang. You may recognize her from Chozen One events or if you’ve somehow made your way through Manitowac, Wisconsin. We are very proud to have her apart of Hmoodle.

I was fortunate enough to talk Trina recently before we all rung in the new year.

Hmoodle: I’m here with the newest Hmoodle Girl, Trina Yang. Let me be the first to congratulate you.

Trina: Thank you for the opportunity to be featured on Hmoodle! I’ve really enjoyed looking though the website for the past couple of years for upcoming models/artists, news, and entertainment, so finding out that Hmoodle was interested in featuring me was exciting!

Hmoodle: Christmas has just passed. Did you get what you wanted this year?

Trina: My boyfriend surprised me and bought me a sewing machine since I’ve been talking about getting one for a year now. I love it because I’m super short and I usually have to hem up my jeans/pants.

Hmoodle: What do you enjoy more, getting presents or giving them?

Trina: Every year that Christmas comes around, I rather not receive gifts because I don’t really need anything more than what I already have. I rather buy gifts for the people I love because ’tis the season to give!

Hmoodle: Where were you born and raised?

Trina: I was born and raised in a small city located right off of Lake Michigan called Manitowoc, Wisconsin. If nobody knows where the heck that is which usually is the case I always say, forty-five minutes southeast of Green Bay and an hour and fifteen minutes north of Milwaukee.

Hmoodle: Did you enjoy your childhood?

Trina: I had a great childhood! I was a very shy girl, awkward & nerdy, had no sense of fashion, and to this day I’m probably just about the same just a little less shy.

Hmoodle: Fast forward to being an adult. I know you are attending school. What school are you attending and have you decided what you’d like to major in?

Trina: Right now, I’m attending UW-Manitowoc and have recently decided to pursue nursing. I’m really excited to get things going with classes and hope my schedule doesn’t get too hectic with my job and social life.

Hmoodle: What made you choose you that?

Trina: I chose to pursue a nursing degree because I want to do something meaningful, something that will make a difference in someone’s life.

Hmoodle: You also do some work for our friends over at Chozen One Productions. How’d you get connected with them?

Trina: Back in 2008, I saw a few Myspace bulletins about this Chozen One Productions group looking for go-go dancers. I had seen their videos of their parties on Youtube and being a small town girl I was amazed at all of the outfits, themes, and energy. I convinced an old friend to drive me all the way to Minnesota to audition. I went to Myth alone and didn’t know anyone at all. I didn’t have any supporters that night, but still got on stage. It was scary, but felt just right. It was worth it! Ever since then I’ve met some awesome people and gained some great memories!

Hmoodle: What sort of interests or hobbies do you have?

Trina: At the moment I’m taking pole fitness and I think it’s my new obsession! It’s really fun and challenging at the same time, I just want to keep learning more! On my days off I like to spend it with either the boyfriend or family and friends. I watch tons of movies, travel when I can, bust out a few dance moves at home, and of course with my brand spanking new sewing machine I can mend my days away to perfect length jeans, pants, and dresses!

Hmoodle: With the new year approaching, have you made any new year resolutions?

Trina: I need to make time to visit my friends and family, gain five pounds of muscle and lose fat, eat healthier, and find a new day job!

Hmoodle: What would our readers be surprised to learn about you?

Trina: I enjoy learning about crime investigations and the history of crime in America. I like to watch uncensored crime documentaries/shows about murder investigations, high profile criminals, cults, and evil historical figures. I find what makes people tick and how the human mind works, very interesting. Who knows? Maybe Forensic Nursing might be something I’d consider down the line..

Hmoodle: This looks like a great place to stop. Do you have any last words for our readers?

Trina: I’d like to thank Hmoodle for giving me this opportunity to be featured as their January Hmoodle girl! Thanks to Chozen One for giving me some of the best memories and thank you to my family and friends!

Once again, we at Hmoodle want ton congratulate Trina for being selected as the first Hmoodle Girl of 2013. We also want to wish all our readers a very Happy New Year.


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