Theena Yang – Miss October 2015

This month of October, we have a beauty from Salisbury, North Carolina that is full of energy, love being spontaneous and enjoying her life. We present to you, the beautiful Theena Yang.

Hmoodle: How was your first photoshoot/experience like?

Theena: My first photoshoot was with Jay Martinez who is the owner of Tuner Evolution himself.  It was such a great shoot, not gonna lie.  Even though it went for nearly 6 hours, we had a great time just getting to know each other.  He made me feel super comfortable so I wasn’t so afraid.  We had two different sets of photoshoot. One indoor and one outdoor.  So my first photoshoot went super great. Shout outs to Jay Martinez for helping me get to where I’ am today.

Hmoodle: When you’re not in front of the camera, what do you like to do?

Theena: When I’m not in front of the camera, I love to just have some time to myself. I love to either workout or do something just to keep myself occupy and gives me company. I enjoy just relaxing or hanging out with my friends or family.

Hmoodle: What is your favorite food?

Theena: hmmmmm that’s a good yet hard question to answer. Lol I love any food actually.  Im not picky on what I eat although my main food category has to be BURGERS.  I love burgers.  It can be homemade to organic and to vegan.  So for anyone that would wanna take me out on a date, lol best place to take me to go eat is somewhere that has nicely fresh burgers.

Hmoodle: What is one movie, song or book that you enjoy? Why did you choose it?

Theena: hmmmmm one movie or song or book that I have enjoy would be…. Ehh I don’t really enjoy reading that much lol but for a movie, I’ll say “The Best Of Me” has to be the movie that I have enjoy watching.  The main guy character is just so sweet to her that he understands her point of view and respected her so well.  Not a lot of guy would do that but not saying all guys ok lol just some things that he does in the movie that some guys in real life “Should Do” 😀 For a song, I’ll say “The Hills” by The Weekend.  Not because it’s a teasing song or anything.  Lol it’s just a good catchy song that makes you feel the vibe and have a good connection to it.

Hmoodle: Tell us something shocking about yourself.

Theena: ahaha something shocking about myself would be….. ???… I used to Hmong dance.  Back when I was super young like 6-7 years old, I started hmong dancing and thinking maybe I’ll go far with it, creating my own group and perform at New Years and Parties but ehhh that didn’t end up well lol.

Hmoodle: How would Hmoodle fans or your fans in general get to know you more?

Theena:  To all my lovely Hmoodle Fans and theenabae fans, you guys are more welcome to follow me on all my social medias.

Instagram- @yoooitstheena

Twitter- @itstheenayang

Youtube- @itstheenayang

Facebook Like- @TheenaYang

I wanna thank Hmoodle and their team for this opportunity to be featured as Miss.Hmoodle Oct 2015.  Thank you guys sooo soooooooo much.  I wish to work with you guys in the future and learn more about Hmoodle.  MUAHZ!!! Thank you guys so much.

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