Special Interview With Venla


Hmoodle: Give us a self introduction. Name, Age, and where your from?

Venla: My name is Venla Vang. I am 23 years old and I am from Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Hmoodle:Tell us about your product.

Venla: I am a hobby artist and most of my creations are Hmonggy and Non-Hmonggy clay figurines, resin pieces, and digital illustrations.

Hmoodle:What inspired you to create your product?

Venla: Most of my creations are inspired from the Hmong heritage and popular/trending games, cartoons, animations, manga, the list goes on and on.  One of our main focus is to keep our creations chibi and have loads of cuteness and kawaiiness!  Being able to “chibify” and “cutify” something I love dearly or that something that gives me great inspiration allows me to keep it closer to me and fall in love with it each time I look at it.

Hmoodle:What other products do you hope to add to your collection in the near future?

Venla: Right now we’re working on further developing our clothing line for the illustrations.  We’re having so much fun coming up with ideas on how to do it. One of the other product we’re currently working on is putting together a MONTHLY GIFT BASKET for our friends, family, and supporters who may want to purchase it for their loved or special someone! We’re looking forward to putting these in our Etsy shop soon and our friends/supporters will be able to purchase it and enjoy the wonderful gifts.

Hmoodle:When your not working on your product line, what do you enjoy doing?

Venla: What we are doing is only a hobby.  It’s sort of a coping mechanism to relieve stress when there is a stressful or hard day. Other hobbies I enjoy doing besides making my artworks is hanging out with my siblings and do many things such as; traveling, road trips, hiking, biking, scootering, walking, watch The Walking Dead and Attack on Titans, etc. So many things to do to make one happy!

Hmoodle: Who inspired you when you were growing up?

Venla: The people who really inspired me to be who I am today are my parents.  They were the most super “COOLEST” yet most strict parents ever. They were very modern parents but at the same time they were still very traditional. We at least spoke Hmong 80% of the time at home, know how to cook/clean Hmong style for sure, and we raised farm animals. Lots and lots of farm animals; chickens, ducks, geese, pigs, horse, and at one point EMUS! So knowing how to butcher and clean some of the animals was mandatory.  But still, they were the bombest parents. We all were allowed to do anything as long as they furthered our imaginations!

Hmoodle: Tell us something shocking about yourself.

Venla: I have a special thing for mermaids and the sea life! Some of my creations are greatly inspired from them.

Hmoodle:Where can Hmoodle viewers go to purchase your products?

Venla: They can visit our website at!

Hmoodle: How can we follow you on the Internet or social media?

Venla:Definitely check me out and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  I am mainly on my instagram account!

Instagram: @officialvenlaa
Facebook: or Venla Vaj
Twitter: or @HmongVenlaa

Hmoodle:Any last words?

Venla: Thank you everyone! We love you so much!

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