Scharlytt Mahi Thao – Miss July 2016

This lovely 100% Hmong beauty is our featured model for this month. We are excited to have her be part of the Hmoodle Beauty family.  She’s no other than Scharlytt Mahi Thao. Check out her interview and photos below.

Hmoodle: Give us your name and a brief introduction about yourself.

Scharlytt: Well hello there, I’m Scharlytt Mahi Thao. I also go by the nickname of Kiki and am currently 19 years old. I am the 3rd child out of 4. I was born in small town called Oroville, but was raised here in Fresno. A little more about me is that I love traveling and exploring new places. It just gets my adrenaline pumping and I love the rush it gives me. I just like being away from the real world and enjoy the mini getaway from reality. Anyways, besides traveling, I love eating and singing. I wish I could make it my day job, but a girl can only wish, you know? Eating makes me the happiest girl alive…aha I mean in order to be alive you have to eat right? So who doesn´t love to eat? Say what you want, but I´m a girl with a big appetite, but I don´t eat salad lol… I only eat meat so…heads up boys, better pack your wallets and have deep pockets… aha just playing.

Hmoodle: We see your new to the modeling scene, how do you like it?

Scharlytt: Yes, I am new to the modeling scene and so far, I love it. I mean, I’ve never thought of being a model, maybe because I felt that I didn’t fit the description of the typical slim-faced skinny ladies. Besides that, I really don’t consider myself a model, it’s just a hobby for now and I just want to experience the vibe of being in front of a camera.

Hmoodle: Where you like to go with this modeling? Just for experience, fun, or maybe a career.

Scharlytt: I mean I like it, but thinking about it in the long run, I don’t think I could pursue it because society has raised the bar on these “model standards.” For now, I would like to enjoy it as a hobby because who knows…maybe later, my mind would change.

Hmoodle: You have a really nice video personality, have you consider taking acting classes?

Scharlytt: Actually as a kid, I have always wanted to audition for the Disney Channel. Just because I grew up watching Brenda Song on a show called The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and passionately idolized her in many ways. She was actually the only Hmong person that I knew of to be on television and that greatly inspired me. I was just afraid of the harsh criticism, so I didn’t take a chance. Maybe I will soon, only time can tell.

Hmoodle:  If a guy was to take you out on a date, describe what a wonderful date would be like?

Scharlytt: In my opinion, a date to the movies and dinner is very basic and typical to me. I like long walks down paths with a beautiful scenery or somewhere that doesn’t involve the need of money. For instance, maybe hiking or you know, take me fishing at your secret hot spot, a place that’s haunted or even just to the park to ride our bikes together. I enjoy these dates better because of the conversations and you get to be observant and get to know the guy.

Hmoodle: What is your favorite food?

Scharlytt: Oh man I love Sushi!, Spring rolls!, Asada Fries!… and man, so many more things…like give me the whole menu lol. I´m not much of a picky eater as well. Food is the definition of life. If you ain’t eating right, you ain’t living life. Aha. All of these Asian and Mexican foods are the main food chains that I love. I´m just a little girl with a big appetite like I said.

Hmoodle: Since graduation, what have you been up to? What are your plans?

Scharlytt: Ever since graduation, I’ve been thinking long and hard about what I want to pursue in life. I don´t exactly know what I enjoy doing or what I’m passionate about so I’m still indecisive on what I want to do. I have received good advice from friends and family informing me to just live life for now because thinking about the future is just going to stress me out. But at this moment, I’ve been thinking about taking a CNA course and then continue to get my LVN and then the next level onto becoming Registered Nurse. But thats just something I had in the back of my mind for awhile and since I just graduated this year, I might have some other options soon.

Hmoodle: What’s a good movie you recently watched and enjoyed?

Scharlytt: So far, I would have to mention. “Straight Outta Compton.” It’s become my favorite movie ever since i watched it. Oh man! I enjoyed every minute of it. Aha.

Hmoodle: Tell us something shocking about yourself.

Scharlytt: Well the truth is that… I was BORN A BOY!…………………. Lol, I’m just playing Hmoodle viewers. There is nothing much that would shock you about me. I’m just a 5’2″ blonde with some cute almond eyes residing in Fresno lol.

Hmoodle: How can our viewers follow you? ( sample. Facebook, Instagram, or youtube)

Scharlytt: To all of the hmoodle viewers, feel free to follow me on INSTAGRAM : @scharmahithao Or FACEBOOK : Thank You!

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