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I recently noticed on my Facebook feed images from Mirage Bar & Grill located in New Brighton, Minnesota. The food looked delicious and not something I would expect a bar to serve. I had to go check it out.

When going there, the GPS kind of took me for a loop and had me in the back of the building, but when I finally got the main entrance I noticed that the place was huge. Walking in through the main entrance the Pho-Thuy Hong Restaurant is to your left and the bar area was to the right.

Myself and a buddy decided to check out the bar area first and had a couple of beers. The prices were not bad at all and the service was great. Lots of space to hang out with pool tables, as well jukebox. We also noticed that they are doing some awesome specials each day of the week beginning in May. I recommend you check out their Facebook page to learn more.

After we finished our second beer, we decided we should eat so we could enjoy the food. We started off with egg rolls. I’m not big on egg rolls at restaurants cause to me, they always taste the same, but these were different. These actually had a really good flavor, not something I’m accustomed to when it comes to restaurant egg rolls.

Next, we had pho. My friend had the seafood one and I had the meatball, flank, and I believe brisket. When I get my pho, I always try the broth first cause that usually lets me know what I’m in for and this broth was delicious. Its been awhile since I had a good broth in my pho, so I was pretty happy. I almost didn’t want to add anything to it because it was that good. My friend raved about his seafood pho noticing that they didn’t hold back on the amount of meat put in both of our phos. The pho itself is worth coming back for.

We then decided to try their short rib dish. The plan was to take it home, but once we smelled it, we couldn’t resist. The meat was done just right. It was tough or chewey, and whatever they used to season it with was to die for. Just an awesome dish.

I did manage to bring something home with me as I bought a Banh Mi sandwich. It looks like they only offer two varieties, but the regular one I got was really good. The bread wasn’t too hard, which I often at some location that sell Banh Mi. I thought they had a good balance between their vegetables and the meat. No complaints here.

I do plan to come back as there are many more things on the menu I would love to try. I definitely will have the pho again.

I highly recommend you make trek and give these two places a shot.

Whether you are coming for a drink or for the food, you will be taken care of as the service was great.

There is great food being served outside the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area. Don’t be afraid to take the fifteen to twenty drive to give them a shot. You won’t be disappointing.

If you are going to use your GPS, which I’m sure most of you will do, I was told that its better to put their address, which is 400 Old Highway 8 NW New Brighton, MN 55112, because if just put the name of the business and the city, it can take you for a loop like it did for me.

So, I hope you, our readers give these places a shot. I would love to see them thrive and succeed. If you go and see Tom, let him know Hmoodle sent you.



  1. Reader

    October 23, 2013 at 10:36 AM

    Man, it sure sounds like the owner is a friend or acquaintance to the writer.

  2. Reader2

    November 25, 2014 at 9:49 AM

    I work in the area and my co-workers (I work with all white folks) and we all enjoy going there. My Coworkers love pho and I have one coworker who is a pho-fanatic. I always tell my coworkers that they are more asian than I am.

    The food is actually pretty good. I love their fried rice. The pho is super delicious. The service is slow, but I think it’s worth the wait and I’m a patient person when it comes to food. The place used to be a VFW, so it is a bit run down… but don’t let it get to you or else you will miss out on good food. And I am no way associated with the restaurant owner. As I mentioned above, I work in the area. Cheers!

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