Maikor Lor – Miss December 2010


The snow has begun to fall here in the Midwest, which means that Christmas is right around the corner. As a gift to our readers, we have another excellent Hmoodle girl to introduce to you. Her name is Mai Mor Lor and she’s definitely another great addition to our Hmoodle girl roster.

I recently was able to get together with Mai Kor for a quick interview. This is the outcome of that interview.

Ryan: I am here with the newest Hmoodle Girl Mai Kor Lor! Let me be the first to congratulate you on being selected as a Hmoodle Girl.

Mai: Thank you! Its very much appreciated.

Ryan: Before we get going, why don’t you tell our readers a bit about yourself.

Mai: Well, most of my friends call me MK or MK-47. It’s funny, I know. I guess I’m still considered a Thailand baby, being born there. I’m currently a senior and aiming for the big shot. I’m more of a stay at home girl. I don’t party like some crazy girls these days. Also, I’m more independent than dependent on others.

Ryan: In your bio, you mentioned that you are creative. What things do you do to showcase your creativity?

Mai: My creativity is showed through poems, but mainly stuff that I made. For example, I’ve made a purse, wallets, trench coat, and accessories.

Ryan: How do you plan on using this creativity in your future career goals?

Mai: As for the future, I would like to enroll as a minor in fashion design where my creativity comes in handy.

Ryan: I know you are about to graduate soon. Do you have plans to go to college and if so, where?

Mai: Actually, I do, I plan on perusing a business degree and minoring in fashion design at Mount Mary.

Ryan: What makes you want to attend that school?

Mai: Firstly, it’s majors are my interests and I feel that it, being an all girl school, will give me more confidence in the real world when it comes down to business and communications.

Ryan: You are with Hmoodle Girl for the month of December, which means Christmas will be upon us. Do you still enjoy the holiday?

Mai: Yes, Christmas is always the best time of the year. There’s always secret Santa and the times spent with my love ones. I love it!

Ryan: Do you like to give or receive presents?

Mai: Honestly, I prefer to receive, mainly because when I buy gifts for others I mostly end up keeping them because of my liking or perfection of the present.

Ryan: What’s the one gift you’d like to get this year?

Mai: A new car, which I know won’t happen, but it’s worth a wish. laughs

Ryan: Well hopefully you can get. I want to thank you for taking the time for this interview. Do you have any last words for our readers?

Mai: I wish each and everyone of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years, always remember that this year, the best will come out of you. Thank you for the interview as well.

I want to congratulate Mai Kor once again on being selected as a our Hmoodle girl for the month of December. I look forward to seeing her pursue her goals and achieve her dreams.

We at Hmoodle would also like to say that we hoped everyone enjoyed the Hmong New Year. We also hope each and everyone of you has a great holiday season

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