Luna Vang – Miss April 2016


Originally from Sacramento, California, Luna now calls San Francisco her home as she’s pursuing to get a higher education and explore music opportunities/auditions.  Enjoy her full interview and don’t forget to follow her youtube and facebook page.

Hmoodle: Give us a self introduction. (Name, age, location, and briefly tell us about yourself)

Luna: My name is Luna Vang. Im a singer/songwriter from San Francisco, California. Im 18 years old and a student at San Francisco State University.

Hmoodle: At what age did you begin singing and what inspired you to start?

“There is an exhilaration, an intoxication, an ecstasy, associated with just hearing music in one’s head, in one’s heart” Pianist Russell Sherma summarized.

Luna: Throughout all my elementary and secondary education I’ve taken part in School Bands. I played the flute and the saxophone for many years. Enrolling in music courses helped extended my growth and development; human’s mind, body and spirit. At age 16 I joined my high school choir. During my intro to choir, I’ve learned that singing creates & gives me a chance to share my stories. I later had a high interest in an instrument I never knew I always had, my voice.

Hmoodle: Tell us about one of your most memorable singing experiences?

Luna: My most memorable singing experience was when I covered a song from 4MEN called “Here I Am” which I also used to compete in Loen’s Entertainment & won. The song was quite challenging having to deliver emotions, dynamic and definition. This recording was filmed live meaning no error and no pre-recording. As soon as I completed the song and the camera turned off, I started crying due to too much bottled-up emotion that must have build up through out the song.

Hmoodle: Why did you move to San Francisco? How do you like life in the big city?

Luna: I moved out to San Francisco to pursue a higher education and explore music opportunities/auditions. A life in San Francisco can be very challenging. I moved here at age 17. I learned that parking is constantly a nightmare and finding an apartment means competing with tons of applicants. The great things about this city though is the art, food scene, shops, scenic, beach, cable cars and the only place in California where being weird is the normal & not so bizarre.

Hmoodle: We know that besides singing, you also enjoy modeling as well. Share with us your modeling experience.

Luna: I begin modeling as a way to help rising fashion designers and small businesses promote their work. I’m just beginning to get my feet wet and still have very much to learn about modeling.

Hmoodle: Who would be the ultimate dream artist for you to do a collaboration with?

Luna: My ultimate dream artist to collaborate with would be Adele. She breathes life into her music with such a soulful & haunting yet powerful voice. It would be my life-long dream and a great honor to share a stage with her.

Hmoodle: Besides music, what else do you like to do?

Luna: I enjoy traveling and experiencing new cultures; food, history & people. Usually on my short hours of free time, Im reading a book or taking a quick swim. I find swimming completely hypnotic.

Hmoodle: Tells us a favorite quote that is meaningful to you and why?

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” – Buddha

Luna: You have far more control over what happens to you than what you may believe. Making effort to change our thoughts and to focus on where we want to go rather than on all the problem along the way. What we think is what we perceive and what we perceive is what we act on.

Hmoodle: What are some of your short term and long term goals?

Luna: My short term goals would be wrapping up my EP, getting small roles in films and completing my first album. My long term goals would be obtaining a college degree.

Hmoodle: Tell Hmoodle something shocking about yourself.

Luna: Thaum ub kuv yog ib tug yawm saub. Kuv txawj saib tes yog tias nej xav paub txog nej lub neej yav tag los lawm los sis lub neej tom ntej ces nej them kuv California minimum wage kaum tsib dollars ib xoo moos. Yog nej xav teem caij ib session ces sau tuaj rau kuv qhov page Luna Vang nyob hauv Facebook.

Hmoodle: Where can our Hmoodle Viewers go to follow you? (Social media, youtube, website, etc.)

Luna: You can follow me at my or

Hmoodle: Any last words?

Luna: I would like to thank Hmoodle for this opportunity and featuring me on their website. I want to thank all my amazing fans, followers, and supporters for all the love and support for the past two years. Stay hungry and reach for the stars.

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