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The Midwest has been hit with a barrage of great parties in the past six months. One of those responsible is Linda Leigh of Trilogy Productions. Trilogy’s partnership with Chozen One has brought a fresh face—fresh feel to the club scene in the Twin Cities.

If you attended any parties at Epic in the last six months, then you most likely attended a Trilogy promoted event. I was able to work both their “CandyShop 2” & Pre HIN Parties and enjoyed myself immensely. They do a splendid job of getting the word spread about their parties. If you have Myspace, then you know what I am talking about. Not only do they get you excited for their parties, they get people to show up.

Each event that I attended had an absurd amount of ladies who attended that wore the sexiest outfits. The parties are well attended, but also provide great entertainment. Whether its rap performances, deejay’s spinning records, or the gorgeous go-go dancers, there’s a little something for everyone. You’re guaranteed to have a great time.

I first noticed Linda Leigh sometime last year when she was go-go dancing at a party that I attended. Obviously she wasn’t hard to miss. So getting to meet her and work with has been a pleasure. Not only gorgeous, she works very hard to take Trilogy to the top, and has been a big sweetheart. I was able to get Linda to sit down while I asked her questions about Trilogy Productions past and future aspirations.

Hmoodle: I am here with Linda Leigh of Trilogy Productions. You just recently had the Pre HIN party. How do you think that event went?

Linda: Yes we did, and I think it went great! Didn’t have to work as much and actually got to take a few shots! (laughs)

Hmoodle: I know we had a great time, but we usually do at your events.

Linda: Aw thanks! We try our best to make the party as hot as possible. We always want to make sure that everyone’s having a wonderful time, and hopefully everyone comes back for more!

Hmoodle: Let’s get some background information about Trilogy Productions. When was it created and for what purpose?

Linda: We were previously known by a different name just last year. We had our differences with other members of the group, so I decided to start our own. It was officially created after the “Step it Up” event in June when we celebrated June birthdays as well as mine, and Chozen One’s very own- May. I picked “Trilogy” with the root of the friendships that I have with the close people in my life. I have a group of friend’s that call our selves “The Fam”. All of us came from different groups, three to be exact, to form on whole group. Now we support each other in everything that we do. Trilogy also has three subcategories that represent Strength”, “Unity”, and “Loyalty”. Trilogy is created not only to throw events, but to also expand into other things.

Hmoodle: What was your first event and how did it go?

Linda: Our first event ever was last year, when we threw my birthday party at Karma Night Club, when we were known as another promotional group. It was a blast! We definitely packed up the house and I was honestly surprised! I was upset at the end though, because I didn’t get to celebrate my own birthday. I was too busy running around and making sure everything went well. My first shot was at 1:45a.m.! (laughs) Our first party as “Trilogy Productions” was the CandyShop 2 event at Epic in July. That also turned out great! I loved the theme and colors that people wore to the event! A lot of the ladies had great ideas too, which was great because we had the “Sexiest Eye Candy Contest”. I believe Hmoodle was there too! (smiles). Hopefully you guys had a great time at that event too!

Hmoodle: We definitely had a great time. We always do. Is Trilogy primarily targeting the club scene or do you have other ideas planned?

Linda: Oh we definitely have more things planned. The club scene is a start. I’m also planning on starting my own go-go dancing team. It won’t necessarily be only a go-go dancing team. I model as well, and I’m always in need of girls for future jobs that I’m also hired for. So I definitely want to start a group where I will have the girls all ready to go when I need them for any reason. I guess you can say a modeling agency, sort of? (laughs). We are looking into making movies (a collaboration with Chozen One) throwing concerts, traveling out of Minnesota to throw events in different states, start an online clothing website, etc….

Hmoodle: Wow, sounds like you have big plants. That’s awesome! I’ve noticed that you are on lots of the fliers. You look great by the way, but is this something you enjoy doing?

Linda: It is! I love the entertainment industry and the night life. May from Chozen One creates the fliers and she’s awesome at it! She’s always in need of pictures, and I have plenty! (laughs) It’s also a lot easier then to have to ask models if we can use their photos and get their permission and copyrights before anything.

Hmoodle: Trilogy does a lot of collaborating parties with Chozen One Productionz. How did that partnership come about?

Linda: Well, they did a Valentine’s party this year at Visage and I was one of the models that they had hired to go-go dance. They’re from Wisonsin, so they were looking for someone who they can work with in Minnesota here for events. We hit it off, and both worked well with each other, and from then on, we just kept on planning events together. It wasn’t planned or anything, but the next thing you know, we’ve done four events together and have other future events planned already. It’s hard to find people who you can work with in this industry, and people who you can trust. Once you find that group, and work well with each other, its something you have to be grateful for. This industry is definitely challenging!

Hmoodle: What has been the toughest part about the business so far?

Linda: It’s definitely just working the event and finding dependable people. We’re fortunate to have people who are very dependable. A lot of people don’t realize that its d a lot of hard work. You have to take your time to go out and promote on the weekends, as well as online. You also have to think of ideas that will draw in the crowd. I also notice that when the event gets closer, my boyfriend Tee and I seem to argue a lot more. (laughs) It’s just a lot more stressful. We’re running around the day of to get everything ready and situated and the night of the event and things always go wrong, and you have to be ready for that. You don’t have time to party no matter what you say! (laughs) I finally realized that after this last event. My girlfriends realized that before I did when I kept on telling them “No, I won’t have to work this time, I promise.” That never happens! (laughs). Making sure the night runs smoothly is the hardest thing to do. It all has to do with teamwork. That’s what’s most important.

Hmoodle: What do you enjoy most about the business?

Linda: I definitely enjoy the results! When I say results, I’m talking more about what everyone else’s opinions are. If a lot of people enjoyed them selves, and had a great night, then I’m definitely happy. At least then I could be like “Hey I ran around for something!” (laughs). I also enjoy meeting new people! Minnesota doesn’t have much to do, so it’s nice to give Minnesota club goers something to do!

Hmoodle: What events do you have planned for us in the future?

Linda: Our next event is actually in a couple of days! October 18th at Epic is kind of like a Halloween party/theme. Its called “Forbidden Dreams” so let your imagination tell you what wear! Wear your most forbidden outfit. Whether its lingerie or a Halloween costume, or nothing at all! (laughs) I’m kidding, please wear something! We’ll be having a contest for the “Most Forbidden outfit” where you’ll win $150. I also heard that it’s your birthday in October! You better wear something sexy and “Forbidden”! (laughs). Then we have a Christmas event on December 20th at Epic as well! And of course, we’re currently working on next year.

Hmoodle: Ah, so you’ve heard the rumor about my birthday. I am sure Hmoodle will be there enjoy ourselves as usual. Thank you Linda for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this with us, our readers appreciate it.

Linda: Well, thank you for taking your time to talk to me as well. I hope to see you guys at our future events as well, and let us know if there’s something you guys would like for us to bring to the Minnesota night life. (smiles)

I must admit, I am looking forward to the “Forbidden Dreams” event. I can only imagine the crazy outfits that will be running around Epic Night Club. I expect some people to go all out and make the night very interesting. Each party has escalated to even higher level of fun, so this party should be tremendous.

Chozen One Productions has found a great partner in Trilogy Productions. With their combined resources, I expect them to continue to soar in promotional events, the club scene, and the business world as a whole. The Midwest is just the beginning.

I want to thank Linda Leigh of Trilogy Productions for taking the time out of her schedule to do this. With less than a week remaining to their “Forbidden Dreams” event on October 18th, I know she is very busy. Thanks for making your events so much fun. Thank you to both Trilogy and Chozen One for making us apart of your events.

Again, be sure to attend “Forbidden Dreams” at Epic Night Club on Saturday October 18th brought to you by Trilogy and Chozen One Productions. Be sure to check out Hmoodle as we have their flier with all the important information in regards to the event.

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