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One of the first interviews I was fortunate enough to do with Hmoodle was with some very good friends of mine, City Wide Kin. Its almost four year later and they are still going strong. Want proof? They are strong enough to allow their members to produce and release their own albums as it evident by the release of “Too Grown” by L-Mo.

This past July at a very packed Moonshine Saloon in Saint Paul was the release of L-Mo’s first solo album and the response thus far has been very positive, which doesn’t surprise me. I remember talking to Matt Thao, executive producer on the album and he talked how passionate, driven, and dedicated L-Mo when it came to the release of this album. He wanted it to be quality and something to be proud of. Well L-Mo stand proud cause you did it.

I’ll admit I have known the City Wide Kin guys for over a decade and I’ve seen them grow as artists and as people, so I may be a bit biased when it comes to this review, but I will be honest and say there were a few songs that weren’t for me, but when it comes to music, there are very few albums that are something that I like from track one til the very end.

“Too Grown” is L-Mo’s warning shot. Whether its through the group dynamic of rap or on his own, his lyrical delivery, storytelling, and smoothness is can stand up to anyone else that I’ve heard in the Indy rap scene.

This may have been L-Mo’s solo debut, but he brought his friends along as their were some great cameo’s by his City Wide Kin band mates. Its just another reminder as to how tight these guys are and how talented they are when they come together to make music.

The album itself is twelve tracks long with lyrics you’ll find yourself repeating long after the music is muted. The beats stuck in my head, but not in the annoying way like Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby”. All in all, a wonderful debut.

My Top Three Tracks: Too Grown, Gone, and Take It All.

I highly recommend you scoop up a copy of “Too Grown” and show your support for local/Indy talent.

Lastly, congratulations L-Mo on the release and success of your first album. You deserve the praise and much more. Look forward to seeing more from you and the rest of the crew

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