Kusa Xiong, The Winner of an invention game inspired by sister with autism

Minnesota ten year old Kusa Xiong has developed a game that has helped his autistic sister participate in their families love of ping pong and if Kusa has his way, it will help other families with autistic children in the near future. While his sister Pahnuly seemed to enjoy the game, her hand eye coordination made the game difficult for her. Kusa came up with an idea to tie a string to the ball to make the game a bit easier for Pahnuly and it was there, Aeropong got its start.

The game itself was simplistic in its roots, but once Pahnuly showed interest and enjoyment, the family went to a local home improvement and bought supplies to improve the game. Along with the improved set up, they also created a point system and a set a rules. The game was gaining momentum.

Kusa shared the story of his game with students at Champlin-Brooklyn Park Academy for Math and Environmental Sciences. He then entered Aeropong into a toy contest, where it was selected as the winner out of 160 entries. Kusa and his family will travel soon to New York to see his game become a reality. Aeropong in the Big Apple. Sounds like a winner to me.

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