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This July, the Hmoodle Beauty of the Month is a very determined and talented beauty. Kiki was brought up in Clovis and claims to be an outgoing person who loves to travel. She is super friendly, likes interacting with people and really loves food and that she has no favorite. She is focused on making it to the top and proving that even small girls can succeed and make a name for themselves. Kiki values friends and loves to hang out and catch up with them. She admits to being Hmong and talking a lot of it. She is definitely proud to be Hmong. Modeling has been her interest ever since she was a kid and, although she can’t really tell what inspired her, she has a deep passion for it. Kiki has been doing import car shows and is fascinated by the sexy cars and girls in the scenes. When not shooting, she loves to spend time with her family and go out fishing. Join me in welcoming Kiki, the Hmoodle Miss July Beauty of the Month

Hmoodle: Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Kiki: Hello I’m Kiki Song from Clovis, Ca. I’m an outgoing person, love to travel, super friendly, like making new friends, easy to get along with and I love love love food.

Hmoodle:What inspired  you to become a model?

Kiki: Well I’ve always wanted to model since I was a kid. I honestly don’t know what inspired me but I have a deep deep passion for it.

Hmoodle:We see you’ve been doing more import car shows. What do you like most about that scene?

Kiki: What I love most about the scene is the sexy cars and the girls 😉

Hmoodle:What are some short term and long term goals for you modeling career?

Kiki: I have no short term goal but my long term goal is to make it to the top and make a name for myself from a small town girl like me. It’s not for the fame but to prove that if a small town girl like me can make it, you ladies can too.

Hmoodle:When your not out posing for the camera, what are some of your personal hobbies?

Kiki: Some of my personal hobbies is simple, just hanging out and catching up with my friends, spend time with my family and fishing.

Hmoodle:If a guy was trying to impress you, what are some things you find impressive?

Kiki: If a guy is trying to impress me, he would have to make me laugh and make me have a good time.

Hmoodle: What’s your favorite food that you enjoy most?

Kiki: I have no favorite food, I love food so I’m not picky (:

Hmoodle:Tell us something shocking about yourself?

Kiki: I can’t say, there’s quite a few dark secrets haha. But I can tell you guys one of them… I like to talk a lot in Hmong. I can get totally FOB hahaha. Me and my ladies always talk in Hmong and it’s pretty hilarious.

Hmoodle:How can our Hmoodle viewers follow you? Social media, email, or website.

Kiki: If you ladies and gents want to follow me on social media:
FB: Kiki Song, IG: m.kikisong, Snapchat: m.kikisong, YouTube: Kiki Song
If anyone wants to work/collaborate with me, email me at [email protected]

Hmoodle:Any last words.

Kiki: I haven’t mentioned what’s my nationality but I’m sure some of you knew. Im Hmong and proud to be. I want to tell you ladies out there, Hmong or not, I know it’s hard to model because of the strict parents, culture and tradition but if you have a deep passion for it I say go for it. If you love to model no one is stopping you but only yourself. It’s your life and you only live once so follow what your heart desire. You never know what’s going to happen tomorrow so make the best out of your life.

Kiki surely proved why she is Miss July Beauty of the Month. We were surprised to know many things that we had probably never imagined about the model. She comes out as a unique beauty who remains down to earth despite the fame that comes with modeling. Kiki finds the time to interact with both her family and friends, and values her Hmong roots .Her parting shot is an inspiration to those who want to be models. While she recognizes that it can be somehow hard to model because of strict parents and culture, she asserts that anyone can make it. In fact, you are the one stopping yourself, not anyone or anything else. We at Hmoodle wish Kiki the very best in her future endeavors. It was a pleasure having her as Miss July Beauty of the Month and interacting with her.

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