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This past Saturday (July 26th) Chozen One Productions along with Trilogy Production presented Candy Shop 2 at Epic Night Club in Minneapolis. This was the second installment of the Candy Shop series, as the first one was presented at Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Rain Night Club. That event was so popular; they gave Minnesotans a chance at some eye candy.

Prior to the event, I was able to talk to one of the event’s planners and owner of Chozen One Productions, Robb.

Hmoodle: First off, thanks Robb, I know you are pretty busy man tonight, but I’d like to first ask about Chozen One Productions. How long have you been around and what is behind its creation?

Robb: We have been around for about almost two years now. I originally started by donating funds to help my fiancée’s charity events. She has always been a bit eccentric and goes above and beyond in her planning. So after helping her with a few events, I asked her if she would coordinate and put together some ideas for events that might draw out a different crowd then the normal people she had been working with. She took the ideas that I had and put them together to form each party we’ve been hosting.

Hmoodle: You mentioned to me that you have people that help you promote your events in Wisconsin as well as Minnesota, are you planning to expand on that?

Robb: Absolutely, we would like to do some events in CA. More so in the southern part of CA. We do have few contacts there already so our plan is to go out there and build a group under Chozen One. This will be developed within the next year.

Hmoodle: Tonight is Candy Shop 2, how did the first Candy Shop Event go and where did that event take place?

Robb: The first event took place in Milwaukee, WI @ Rain Night Club—one of Milwaukee’s largest club venues. It was a huge a success! People loved the idea of all the colorful clothing and candy and so we decided to bring it to Minnesota.

Hmoodle: It seems to be you have lots of different themes for your parties, how do you go about creating those themes?

Robb: Each theme comes with not only the season, but by what is revolving around entertainment. Candy Shop was something people could relate to. The name itself brings to mind lollipops / cotton candy colors and so we incorporated these ideas with the theme.

Hmoodle: Your parties have a pretty good success rate, why do you think that is?

Robb: We give it 110%. Our promoters are all dressed up to a tee for each event. We provide all attire for them and make sure as a team we are representing our name well. When we say we promote, we mean we hit the streets / internet / smaller local events / bigger social events / markets / restaurants / word of mouth / local papers if there is time and radio advertisement as well. Each party we not only go all out, but we include as many of our patrons as possible. We include the musical entertainers, the obvious eye candy that needs to draw people’s attention, and we give special perks to our promoters who work for us. We also pay close attention to why people go out. What would be a “good” reason for going out? The club scene can get burned out really fast. Some like to go out, but others will not unless there is a reason to. We include our patron’s birthdays in our events because that is a special time for them. We want it to be as memorable as possible for them. We include bonuses / giveaways that we ourselves would love, if we were going to be going out all dolled up for an event.

Hmoodle: How do you keep your “product” fresh?

Robb: Not only is each theme different, but it will involve something a bit more dramatic then the last. Each event will offer something more enticing. We may do a Halloween Party – which in people’s minds is obviously a reason to get dressed up, but for us,

it won’t just be a dress up event, we’ll add a twist to the event. * we do have something in mind for this but it will be a surprise ‘laugh’ Here are two very simple ideas that we added a bit of flair to and it was definitely a hit. We had a pink party – instead of just people dressed in pink, our crew had pink wigs of all sorts, and wore all pink lingerie. This stands out in people’s mind and they’ll want to take pictures of it. They will remember this particular event. We had a white party and again sounds simple enough color schemed wise, but each lady wore white lingerie, silk and lace, along with diamond tiaras and angel wings. It starts within our promoters. We build the excitement. We pass the word and it just circulates. It is just as exciting for us for us as it should be for our patrons.

Hmoodle: I know I was bombarded with fliers for your party; you guys must have a good marketing staff.

Robb: We have a very good promotion team up in Minnesota, as well as Wvisconsin. We treat our promoters very well and add many incentives as well as rewards. They all are the back bone to our success. We work as a team and each person knows their role.

Hmoodle: Alright, I know you got things to do, but what can everyone expect from Chozen One Productions in the future?

Robb: You can expect not only many new and exciting events, but we will be bridging out to main stream entertainment, such a movies. We will also be reaching out to our communities at times of extreme need such as the holidays to help those less fortunate and provide food as well as shelter for those who may be in need of them. These projects will be put in force this coming fall.

Tonight’s entertainment was going to be provided by DJ Hawjcore and DJ Big Boii, as well as three rap performances by Dolla, Bandit, and the headliners, City Wide Kin. As we walked around taking pictures and handing out our card, it came to be very apparent to us, that the girls definitely outnumbered the guys, which to be honest, was a very nice treat for us covering the event. There was definitely enough eye candy to enjoy.

After the first deejay finished up his set, the rap performer Dolla, along with his entourage took center stage. I had gotten to witness Dolla warm up prior to the show and there were some sound problems, but they must have fixed that because his performance seemed to go off without a hitch. I really liked his smooth delivery and his overall performance. At the end, he went to remind us, that he is the original Asian rapper. This was my first time witnessing a Dolla performance and I liked what I saw.
Funny Guy Sai then came on stage as an in between for each performer. Sai was the official emcee of the evening and as usual, did a great job. I’d also like to mention that you can look forward to seeing more of Sai on

As soon as Sai finished up his bit, the group Bandit got their chance to perform in front of the Candy Shop crowd. Unfortunately during this time, something must have gone wrong with the sound system, because I was unable to clearly hear them. I went upstairs to a V.I.P. balcony to get a better glimpse of this group and yet again, I couldn’t clearly hear any of their lyrics. I will say that I did hear them in sound check, and they were very good, so I do hope to get a second chance to see them perform in the near future.

Last, but not least, the group City Wide Kin brought their “A” game to Epic Night Club. They went on to perform songs off their new album “City State of Mind”. The crowd just ate it up. The energy amongst the crowd seemed to be revamped after City Wide Kin took the stage. I’ve seen City Wide Kin perform at least five times in the past and this is by far was my favorite performance from them. As they grow as a group, their ability to perform in front of crowds has gotten so much better. If you haven’t bought their album, check out Hmoodle’s review of that album here.

Before the night ended there was an Eye Candy Competition with the winning lady receiving a $150. It went to down the very beautiful Foxy Roxy and Hmoodle’s very own July “Girl Next Door” Plia Vang. Plia Vang was able to pull it off and was the official Candy Shop 2 “Eye Candy” winner. Congrats Plia and way to represent Hmoodle!!

Chozen One Productions along with Trilogy Productions really know how to throw a party. It’s not often where you go to a party and you can honestly say that the ladies out number the guys seven to one, if not more. We had friends that showed up at a one a.m. for that reason alone. Another great aspect was that it seemed that a lot of ladies participated in the theme of evening, which when doing a theme party, you want to see.

These two production companies will again be presenting another themed party on

Thursday, July 31st at Visage Night Club and the theme for this party, “One Night in Bangkok”. If you see a flier, which I know you will, that is for a Chozen One / Trilogy Productions Party, then it’s a party you definitely want to check out. If you can’t attend be sure to check back at with updates about their future events.

I want to thank Chozen One Productions’ Robb and May Lor , as well as Trilogy’s Linda and Tee for their assistance in making this article happen. I also would like to thank Epic Night Club, once again, for allowing us to do what we do. Lastly, I want to thank my boys in V.I.P. for making this event all that more interesting! Look forward to the next time!

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