A precocious child beyond her years, she aspires to fulfill the American Dream of social mobility in earning status and fame through the arts of music. The blossoming of youth’s impetuous motives can be quite uncanny in their relentless pursuit of getting to their destination; whether it’d be from point A to point B, or to the no fear zone of finding the realizations of failures–she is a very dangerous opposition.

Game recognize game, as she is already scheming on her next venture. The whispers from a little bird, sotto voce, faint sounds of unintelligible chatter as it fades away. Without revealing too much, here’s our interview with the artist herself, and here’s what she has to say.

Hmoodle: Can you give us a quick introduction of who you are?

Chardenai: My name is Chardenai. I reside in The Twin Cities of Minnesota. I am a rapper/songwriter and aspiring singer/audio engineer.

Hmoodle: At what age did you realize you wanted to do this as a career? What inspired you?

Chardenai: I wrote my first song at 7 and after that I just fell in love literature creativity. I loved molding art with words. I started with free verse poems and then ventured off into songs and at 12 I started really rapping.

Hmoodle: Who were some of your favorite artists that maybe have shaped your style of music growing up?

Chardenai: No artists really inspired me to be honest. I have always found inspiration in everyday life. I work with different flows, styles, and sounds. Whatever feels right but my inspiration never came from any particular artists. I invented myself.

Hmoodle: What were some stereotypes that you had to overcome as a female artist that male artist didn’t have to worry about in the Hmong Community?

Chardenai: Being that I am a “stud lesbian” most stereotypes didn’t really apply to me. My voice and image wasn’t the same as your typical girl. People know I am a girl but treat me as they would treat a male artist. Being queer however, was a whole different obstacle, especially in our community.

Hmoodle: Can you tell us the message you were putting out in your recent mixtape “Dedicated to my better half”?

Chardenai: My song “Promise Ring” was a metaphor for all the difficulties and pressure my fiance and I overcame. A diamond is formed. I feel like all the pressure we dealt with made us grow into something much more stable and valuable. We promised to go steady when I wrote that song but we are now engaged.

Hmoodle: In your song “The Promise”, tell us what it meant to you as writer/artist.

Chardenai: “Promise Ring” is definitely a paradigm shift. People give up because of how hard relationships are but when you choose to see it as a challenge rather than a problem, you can get through it and grow stronger. To me the song is a paradigm shift.

Hmoodle: Share with us some of you most memorable music memories.

Chardenai: I had someone come up to me before after performing a song about my biological mom, whom I don’t speak with, and he looked me in the eyes and poured his heart out to me about his relationship with his mom. Although our situations were completely different, it showed me how far the language of music travels. People like him reminds me why I have to keep going.

Hmoodle: When you’re away from the mic, what do you enjoy doing?

Chardenai: I am very boring. All I think about these days are saving, investing, and building. So I invest in relationships with families and friends, or I am investing time in planning my future. Music is everything so I don’t have time for anything else. I see my time as very critical. I don’t like wasting time that could have gotten a step closer to my dreams.

Hmoodle: Something shocking people may not know about you.

Chardenai: I used to wrestle in high school! Only for a year. I started off horribly but eventually placed 3rd at JV County Tournament against boys and then 1st at State against girls. I was supposed to move on to Nationals but my coach had to resign so I didn’t have a coach to move forward with.

Hmoodle: Any upcoming projects that you’re involved in?

Chardenai: I am in MrRnB’s new acoustic album–he never gave a name, just calls it his acoustic album. Our song is called “Hlub Mus Ib Txhim” in which I rap in Hmong. I am also organizing a benefit concert with Nakita Vang who is the curator. There will be new unreleased music along with choreography. Gonna be dope! The purpose is to raise money so I can get a mobile home and live on the road, traveling across America to spread my music.

Hmoodle: Where can our viewers go to purchase your Music?


Hmoodle: How do we follow your work?


My Youtube url is under construction at the moment haha.

Hmoodle: Any last words?

Chardenai: I am also taking donations to help fund the concert and fund my tour. Even just a dollar or a simple share will go a long way. There are rewards when donating a certain amount. For more information, see

I want to give a quick thank you to Chardenai for giving us some of her precious time for this interview. Please support our artists! Without them, the world would be a pretty bland and boring place to live in. Remember guys, keep dreaming, keep reaching, and soon one day the stars may come to you!

Love and peace from the Hmoodle team!

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