North Star Soccer Team


Once again we at Hmoodle are featuring one of the top teams in Hmong sports. This month we are featuring the California team the Oroville North Stars, whom are the winners of the Hmong International New Year men’s soccer tournament. ...

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Super Bowling With The Harbaughs


What are the odds of the Harbaugh brothers getting into the Super Bowl? Through probability and statistics in all the plethora of variables that were stacked against them, it seems the stars are aligning in this chance of a lifetime ...

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Fantasy Football 2012


Fantasy Football 2012 It’s been a long time coming, but officially fantasy football fanatics are back to beast-mode in perfecting their next picks on the waiver wire to ameliorate their teams for a chance of victory. Pride comes in your ...

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Linsanity has gone stale! The Jeremy Lin’s insanity hit the Big Apple just this past February 2012, but it seems so long ago, fast fading into ancient history. Is the Knicks really going to let him go? Once in upon ...

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LinSanity Movement!!!


February 18, 2012-The Linsanity hype: real or fiction? There’s been a rip roaring buzz that hasn’t subsided yet. However, it’s beginning to sound a lot like the little engine that could—a rags to riches story that has captivated millions world-wide. ...

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