Zeze – Photographer, May 2015


One of the best things about the art of photography, is the fact that there are so many ways a person can express their creativity. A talented photographer has the ability to tell stories and evoke emotions through pictures, which ...

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Cam Xiong – Photographer, February 2015


Hmoodle: Give us a self introduction. Where do you currently reside? Cam: Hi, my name is Cam Xiong (30 yrs old). I reside in Saint Paul MN. I am a editorial/fashion portrait photographer. I’ve been photographing ever since 2007. Hmoodle: What ...

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Abraham Yang – Photographer


We have a very special interview for all of you readers out there. He currently resides in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA but was born and raised in the beautiful country of France. He’s a Professional photographer who could not ...

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Andrew L. Xiong – Photographer


There are many successful and creative photographers, but the rare ones that are able to make an impact in the people that they have encountered are the difference maker. He or she who possesses this uncanny intuition in freezing time ...

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Kong Herr – Photographer


Picturesque scenery are abound every footsteps. Cognizant to one’s surrounding, there lies no boundaries with limitless possibilities to capture the essence of a lifestyle, an attitude, or simply the telling of a compelling story with just a snap of a ...

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Kay And Ty – Photographers


Welcome to the thrift store! It’s a two for one sale today when it comes to hiring the husband and wife duo for a photo session. Reminds me of a Jay-Z and Beyonce except versus being on mikes they’re both ...

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