A precocious child beyond her years, she aspires to fulfill the American Dream of social mobility in earning status and fame through the arts of music. The blossoming of youth’s impetuous motives can be quite uncanny in their relentless pursuit ...

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Catching up with LTee Lor


Over the summer, Hmoodle got the chance to catch with young artist Ltee Lor. Since his EP “Forget and Forgive” dropped last December of 2015, Ltee shares with Hmoodle some of his upcoming projects. He even dropped a teaser at the ...

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Interview with Maa Vue


Hmoodle’s exclusive interview with Maa Vue. Watch as she talks about her new album, take on cover songs, experience with Yellow Diamond Records, and more. Followed by some bloopers. Thanks for watching.

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Hmoodle Presents: Roob Vaj – Qhev Ruam


Roob Vaj is an up and coming new artist based in Laos. It was a great pleasure working with him. A very talented guy! Please like and share it. Thanks

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