A precocious child beyond her years, she aspires to fulfill the American Dream of social mobility in earning status and fame through the arts of music. The blossoming of youth’s impetuous motives can be quite uncanny in their relentless pursuit ...

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Canada’s Hidden Gem


Sometimes you can do a lot with a little. Such is the case with the film BEYOND REDEMPTION, a micro-budget action flick now streaming on Netflix, ITunes and VOD. Shot in Vancouver, Canada and directed by veteran stuntman / actor ...

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Special Interview With Venla


Hmoodle: Give us a self introduction. Name, Age, and where your from? Venla: My name is Venla Vang. I am 23 years old and I am from Saint Paul, Minnesota. Hmoodle:Tell us about your product. Venla: I am a hobby ...

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Gaotzeng And The Dancers


To a lot of people, dancing boost self confidence and self esteem by creating an outlet for self expression and the opportunity to explore something new and exciting. Hmoodle caught with Gaotzeng,  a dancer herself since middle school. Read her ...

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Mayder Lor – How Hip-Hop Saved My Life


If you’ve been around the hip hop community here in the Midwest, even nationally you may already be familiar with Mayder Lor.  She has been around the community for some sometime. Starting in her youth exploring the world of breakdancing, ...

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A Short Interview with Padi Yang @Kub Qav Kaws’ Concert


Went to Kub Qav Kaws’ concert in Tulsa and got the opportunity to interviewed this beautiful young lady. She’s supper cool, talented and full of energy. Enjoy the interview not the best but we at Hmoodle are continuously working hard ...

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