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Dangers of Amalgam Fillings


As the holiday season fast approaches the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is taking a second look at the evidence showing the imminent health dangers of amalgam or ‘silver’ fillings. In July 2009, the FDA reviewed scientific evidence presented in ...

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The Most Pesticide Contaminated Produce


Are you familiar with the “dirty dozen” – the 12 most pesticide fruits and veggies? Here they are (along with the best). 2016 Dirty Dozen Key Findings EWG analyzed 2014 pesticide data from United States Department of Agriculture annual testing. ...

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An Exclusive with Hilltribe Fusion


Hill Tribe Fusion is a collaboration of two indie designers Mang and Xeng Thao who are from San Jose and Sacramento CA. They are inspired by their Hmong Heritage, J-Fashion and Lolita.  They love making couture and fantasy inspired designs.  ...

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