Hmong American Women


Growing up a Hmong American women… I am a First Generation Hmong American Woman. Hmong is my first language. I learned how to read, write and speak English in elementary school and was required to attend an ESL (English as ...

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Gaotzeng And The Dancers


To a lot of people, dancing boost self confidence and self esteem by creating an outlet for self expression and the opportunity to explore something new and exciting. Hmoodle caught with Gaotzeng,  a dancer herself since middle school. Read her ...

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Hmonglish Musical


On October 14th, I had the opportunity to attend the Hmonglish Musical play presented by CHAT’s Youth Leadership Group. The Youth Leadership Group gives youths between the ages of fourteen to twenty the chance to express themselves creativitly while tackling ...

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Masquerade: Behind the Mask


As you may know, Hmoodle will be presenting our first annual Masquerade Ball on October 15th at Bousavahn Hall in Brooklyn Park. It should be another great Hmoodle event, as we try to provide our readers and party goers with ...

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Hmong parody song has KDWB apologizing


A rock song parody targeting Hmong has one of the Twin Cities’ most popular radio stations apologizing. The spoof lyrics to the tune of Eric Clapton’s “Tears in Heaven” were sung on KDWB Radio (101.3 FM) by a sidekick during ...

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Remembering: Yia “The Bull” Mua


I may have been the last to have taken a glimpse into the eyes of an iconic Hmong megastar. I started the tête-à-tête with Yia “The Bull” Mua to only discover, in my dismay, the ominous condition that has overwhelmed ...

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A Glimpse of Kind Beats


About every time this year, an influx of Hmong make their way to Minnesota for the annual 4th of July Sports Tournament. Some come for the sports, some for family, and some for the chance to party. There were parties ...

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The Do’s & Don’t’s of Clubbing


As you may be aware, when it comes to the club scene here in Minnesota, Hmoodle has you covered. Through my years enjoying the night life, there are some things I have learned and would like to share. I call ...

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Michael Jackson: A Life of Triumph & Turmoil


The news of Michael Jackson’s death came just hours after the announcement of Farrah Fawcett’s death after losing her vigilant battle with cancer. All though her death was sad, the world was more in shock when first hearing that the King of ...

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