Girl Code

firl code'

Girl Code Over the years, I have had the blessings of meeting many awesome and not so awesome female friends. Cliché quote: The older you get, the wiser you become; this in fact, is true and I have applied it ...

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Hmong American Women


Growing up a Hmong American women… I am a First Generation Hmong American Woman. Hmong is my first language. I learned how to read, write and speak English in elementary school and was required to attend an ESL (English as ...

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8 ways to a man’s Heart


This may be a very subjective topic but hey I’m a man, so why not write about this. I can call myself an expert because I have a heart of a man, I think. Well, here I go. Dating back ...

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Souls With Wings By Fres Thao


Fueled by a love of exploration and appreciation for art, culture, history and knowledge Souls with Wings follows two Hmong American artists/healers as they journey throughout the world.  Equipped with what little they can fit in their 70 liter backpacks, Fres ...

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4 Things Doua Chialy Hides in His Sexist Rant


After Doua Chialy’s rant on Hmong TV, I suppose we need to explore individual sexism as well as institutional sexism. It’s a problematic topic when one discusses individual sexism, particularly because it’s so delusional. I’m going to do my very ...

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Anything can be eaten when there’s an absence of goods and services. I had the opportunity to visit my sister and brothers in Veunkham, Laos. This is my brother’s house where I stayed at.They had to stock those rice bags ...

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7 Ways Traditional Hmong Culture is Sexist


So there’s been a lot of gender debates lately since the domestic violence incident in Fresno. I can’t speak much about that tragedy, given that I don’t know much about it except through media, but the issue of culture and ...

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William Yang – Realtor


For Realtor William Yang, going above and beyond for his clients is something that comes naturally to him.  He has a passion for real estate and is dedicated to his clients and when you put them both together you get ...

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Ramen Noodles May Lead to Chronic Illness


It’s cheap, easy to make, and a nice break from the frozen pizza or microwavable mac n’ cheese you’ve been munching on for dinner; it’s ramen — a.k.a. instant noodles.  Those tasty meals and snacks that can cost something like 18 ...

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