Chai Vang: Another Perspective


Prelude Novice essayist Keithan Thao a 9th grader of Osseo High School in Osseo, MN. Though the story of Chai Vang was before his time, he did his research to find more insights on the altercation that had led to ...

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Girl Code

firl code'

Girl Code Over the years, I have had the blessings of meeting many awesome and not so awesome female friends. Cliché quote: The older you get, the wiser you become; this in fact, is true and I have applied it ...

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Hmong American Women


Growing up a Hmong American women… I am a First Generation Hmong American Woman. Hmong is my first language. I learned how to read, write and speak English in elementary school and was required to attend an ESL (English as ...

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8 ways to a man’s Heart


This may be a very subjective topic but hey I’m a man, so why not write about this. I can call myself an expert because I have a heart of a man, I think. Well, here I go. Dating back ...

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4 Things Doua Chialy Hides in His Sexist Rant


After Doua Chialy’s rant on Hmong TV, I suppose we need to explore individual sexism as well as institutional sexism. It’s a problematic topic when one discusses individual sexism, particularly because it’s so delusional. I’m going to do my very ...

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Anything can be eaten when there’s an absence of goods and services. I had the opportunity to visit my sister and brothers in Veunkham, Laos. This is my brother’s house where I stayed at.They had to stock those rice bags ...

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7 Ways Traditional Hmong Culture is Sexist


So there’s been a lot of gender debates lately since the domestic violence incident in Fresno. I can’t speak much about that tragedy, given that I don’t know much about it except through media, but the issue of culture and ...

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William Yang – Realtor


For Realtor William Yang, going above and beyond for his clients is something that comes naturally to him.  He has a passion for real estate and is dedicated to his clients and when you put them both together you get ...

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