Canada’s Hidden Gem

Sometimes you can do a lot with a little. Such is the case with the film BEYOND REDEMPTION, a micro-budget action flick now streaming on Netflix, ITunes and VOD.

Shot in Vancouver, Canada and directed by veteran stuntman / actor of more than 100 films; Bruce Fontaine, written by Patrick Wong, with Derek Lowe & Tong Lung and stars Brian Ho, Don Lew, Osric Chau, Peter Chao & HK film veteran Eddy Ko as the headliners of a predominantly Asian cast, the film’s plot follows a weary undercover cop; Billy (Brian Ho – Power Rangers / Sleeping Dogs live action promo)) who struggles to maintain his cover while attempting to save the daughter of a notorious Triad Boss and prevent her from becoming collateral damage in a sting operation gone horribly wrong.

1631539_4Simple and direct, the story line allows for numerous exciting, fast-paced, and cleverly shot fight sequences populated by skilled and talented martial artists. It’s what every action junkie wants; flying fists and brutal takedowns un-obscured by Bourne Identity styled, shaky-cam tricks. It’s the kind of production that chooses, bravely, to fly in the face of conventional Hollywood “wisdom” and trust in a mostly Asian cast.

Asians are at the forefront of this action-drama rather than pushed to the side as backup for the standard, highly predictable, White male lead. Where it lacks in studio polish and high end FX it makes up for with furious action and inventive camera work.. It’s a bold, independent movie full of guts and determination and that boldness has paid off in the form of 20 plus distribution companies vying for the rights to worldwide distribution after its first month on display, something unheard of in the Canadian indie film industry. BEYOND REDEMPTION is clearly a tribute to the early days of Hong Kong action cinema, with its quick and dirty combat sequences, and tense, bullet-riddled shootouts.

For such a low budget project it accomplishes more than certain high end mainstream offerings like the poorly thought out Birth of The Dragon, or The Great Wall. There are moments where it almost feels a little Grindhouse (the genre, not the Tarantino / Rodriguez film) and other times it has all the flash and in-your-face attitude of a Tony Scott production. Beyond Redemption does what it’s supposed to do; amaze you with incredible fight scenes and never lose your attention as it rockets from point A to Z.

Check it out now on Netflix, Itunes, and VOD. Also available at Walmart, Target, Sears, and Barnes & Noble.
Pete Hernandez is a graphic illustrator and writer working on the first ever
All Asian graphic novel WAR DOGS.

By Pete Hernadez III

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