Annie Moua – Miss January 2016


A new year and a new Hmoodle Beauty. We start the off with Fresno’s very own Annie Moua. We hope our readers will be as excited as we are to add Annie to our Hmoodle family. Here’s your chance to get to know Annie a little bit better.

Hmoodle: Give us a brief introduction about yourself.

Annie: Hello Hmoodle! My name is Annie Moua and I am nineteen years old. I was born and raised in Fresno, California.  I am a really down to earth and a very happy person. I love eating and sleeping. Humor is the number one thing I look for in a person. I love funny people. I am a pretty sheltered lady when it comes to partying, but don’t get me wrong I party hard when I do. I also love quality time with my family.

Hmoodle: What inspired you to being a model?

Annie: Many things inspired me to go into modeling, but the most important and one in particular who inspired me was my mom. My mom is such a young beautiful person in and out. She wasn’t a model but she did love taking photos. She has a million photos of herself. In albums and around the house .Every weekend or so she’ll go and take pictures. I’ve never in my life, thought that I would be modeling, but after my mom’s passing I decided to give modeling a try and be in front of a camera, just to be in her shoes and know what she felt and do what she loved. I’ve finally realized how much fun it is and how modeling can make you feel so good about yourself in and out. I’m truly blessed to have her traits and I really want to share the world how beautiful she is. She is the greatest gift god has given to me and my family.

Hmoodle: Growing up, who were some people who made an impact on your life?

Annie: As I was growing up I didn’t really focused on “people”. The one person who I focused on was my mom. My mom was a single parent at age twenty-one, raising five kids on her own. My mom was the man of the house when there wasn’t one. Her beautiful hands were always so dirty from lifting and putting furniture together. She would tell me all the time to make great decisions and learn from her mistakes. My mom is the only person who crosses my mind. I am so strong mentally because she has showed me no weakness.

Hmoodle: What are some hobbies that you enjoy doing?

Annie: Does eating count? Because I love to eat, but if it doesn’t then it’s okay. I really enjoy modeling, it makes me feel more confident. It’s like therapy for me because I have really low self-esteem so modeling is something to help me with. Another hobby I really enjoy; “Cars”. Cars is one of the reason why I did modeling because the vibe and the import scene is just too much to not give a damn about. I do wish to have my very own car in the future. I’m not your typical Hmong girl. <laughs>. Just kidding, I am.

Hmoodle: If you had to pick a favorite food dish what would it be?

Annie: I love Nam toke! Which is a Thai dish very similar to beef larb, but its grilled steak. The steak is nicely sliced into good bite sized with larb seasoning and a squeeze of lime. Makes my mouth water.

Hmoodle: What are some bad habits guys do that you think make them less attractive?

Annie: I personally hate it when guys talk too much about themselves. If I was to have a conversation with a guy and he keeps going on about himself when I didn’t ask any questions. it’s really annoying and I will assume he’s self-centered. Other than that I’m pretty open minded, depending which situation I’m in.

Hmoodle: Describe the ultimate dream date.

Annie: Horseback riding on the beach when the sun is setting.

Hmoodle: Tell us a recent movie you watched and highly recommend. Why?

Annie: “The Impossible” is a great movie I have recently watched. A family went to Thailand for a vacation and their hotel was located right on the beach. While enjoying the sun a tsunami hits the beach and the family of five are separated. This movie is based on true events of the Boxing Day Tsunami in Thailand.  The impossible is a very heartwarming movie and so heart wrenching. I personally love movies that are based on true events.

Hmoodle: Tell us something shocking about yourself.

Annie: I have this weird fetish where I go on YouTube and watch people eat food. I can go on for hours just watching people eat and I don’t get hungry watching; it actually full me up. I believe it’s all the slurping and sound effects people do when they eat satisfies me. I do also subscribe people on YouTube who have a specific channel for viewers like me.

Hmoodle: Where do you want to be five years from now, both in life and modeling career?

Annie: In five years I’m hoping to graduate from college with my B.S in Animal Science. For modeling I would love to get as far as I can in five years. I am not too sure where I’m going to be at in modeling but wherever the road takes me then I’m good.

Hmoodle: Where can our Hmoodle viewers go to follow you?

Annie: For you sexy hmoodle viewers and fans go ahead and follow me on my social media. Don’t hesitate to message to say hi me I’m very friendly. :)

Instagram-  @gaozouapamoua
Facebook- @Anniemoua

 Hmoodle: Any last words?

Annie: Its feels super awesome to be Miss January 2016. Thank you Hmoodle for this great opportunity, and I do hope to more great work with the Hmoodle Team and the Hmong Community.  You guys are awesome! Thank you very much.

We at Hmoodle are happy to get our year started with Annie as she is an excellent addition. We also want to be the first to congratulate her for being selected as a Hmoodle beauty. We wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors.

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