8 ways to a man’s Heart

This may be a very subjective topic but hey I’m a man, so why not write about this. I can call myself an expert because I have a heart of a man, I think.

Well, here I go.

Dating back to the Neanderthal days of the cave dwelling men to fast forward, like the magic of a movie, to our present day, I don’t think much have changed in the way men thinks. I know you’re mind’s full of speculation, where is this guy getting his references and datas from, how about the annotations or footnotes on the sources, unfortunately it all in my noggin, my think tank. Like most human beings on this earth–I would hope–with sprinkle of fairy dust we were given a superpower that other animals do not have, the superpower of cognition. The wonders of cognition gave us the same godly powers bestowed on Adam and Eve when they ate the apple from the Garden of Eden. We all now have the powers of perception, sensation, and intuition.

We can reason.

We can formulate a plan.

We can make sound decisions that can directly change one’s life.

I’m afraid though, because of all the inner workings of all this, just like our fingerprints, we are all unique. Individuality also gives way to having different point of views giving way to arguments, or what I’ve always said to my friends and family: “a civilized debate amongst good people.”

And after all this babbling incoherently going off tangent, let me offer to you all the secrets to a man’s heart. Your list can be different, but again this is my list, my point of view to winning a man’s heart. I think.

1: Just be honest. We’re very simplistic and very dumb creatures, easily confused and frustrated. Don’t play guessing games with hints and throw tantrums with spurts of screaming argumentative attacks while we’re sitting there clueless about what’s going on in your head. We’re not mind readers. Call the Psychic Hotline if you want that, but we’re not it. Be straightforward, give us feedbacks on how you’re feeling. The charades game has got to go, while telling us the truth can quickly resolve any potential troubles in the future.

2: Learn how to cook for him. The old proverb: “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” an old wise man had once said and still remain true to this day. Why else would it be an “old proverb.” Cooking food for a man is one of the greatest way to win over his affections. If you can win his stomach through tailoring to the food groups that he likes you’ll definitely win over his heart. Umm, umm good!

3: Make room for his friends and family. Now this goes both ways in a relationship, but showing that you can open your heart to take in his friends and family would bind you both closer together as a couple. That’s it, PERIOD! Really there shouldn’t be a whole lot of explanation to this. So love thy man’s friends and family!

4: You have to be on his side. What do I mean by this? Show that you desire him. Show that you care for him. Show him that you need him. Show him that you’re vulnerable. Show him you got respect for him. Show him that you got his back! Scratch it if he can’t reach it! Fight for him! If someone questions about his character, you’ve got to be the one right by his side jabbing and punching to sway the opposition to your side.

5: Love him for what he is. Love your man for truly what he is. If you’re looking to make him be someone he isn’t, why be with him at all if you’re goal is to change that person to become something different than what aspires to do now. Here’s a quote from Albert Einstein: “Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed.” Wow who knew he was also a relationship expert!

6: Be his friend. You hear people say it all the time that he/she is the love of my life and my bestfriend. I think the two goes hand and hand because he/she will be with you for the rest of your life and sharing it with someone you can rely on as well as communicate with on par with some kind of compatibility will promote a healthier relationship. Being amicable in a relationship in learning how to gain a mutual agreement on debates or disputes will offer a longer term relationship.

7. Don’t be a nagger. All you have to do is tell him once. Sometimes we are bad listeners. Yes, I did say tell him once, but sometimes you may not get the message across to him on that first wave of communication. Learn how to find a good time while you both are together to really tell him what you want. We may be procrastinators while some of us are just plain lazy scumbags, but we’ll eventually get to doing or completing what you wanted us to do.

8. Satiate his desire. Every man has an appetite for sex. No need for further instructions y’all know what I mean.

This undertaking was a grueling one. One that I hope you all enjoyed reading on my takes on how you can pledge yourself to your man, oops, I meant to have him fall more in love with you because you’ll feel like you’re literally holding his heart in your hand. Understand that if you confirm to these 8 rules, you’ll definitely feel the extra love from your boyfriend or husband. He will succumb to your every needs as you’ll see a concentration of the love vibe while he’s around you. He’ll never let you out of his sight again!

Written by Jerry Thao

Hmoodle Editor

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