2017 Hmoodle Beauty of the Year: Annie Moua

The Hmoodle Beauty monthlys represents as a seminal forerunner for the successes of how far  Hmoodle have come since our inception. Just like a blink of an eye, our earliest ventures in polling for our first Hmoodle Beauty was in 2009. How time does fly by?

We want to extend our congratulations to all the Hmoodle Beauties of the month that we’ve had the privilege to meet and work alongside with through this passing year. You all are winners in our eyes! Each of you are beautiful, smart, and intelligent in your own ways with many facets to complicated to explain because no 2 are alike, while many of you are advocates and role models with an aspiring future for yourselves, as well as being influences for the future generations to come. We thank you all!

Alas, we’ve come to name another for the coveted title of Hmoodle Beauty of the year. Through our vigorous polling system, we’ve given our viewers the opportunity to help decide this year’s Hmoodle Beauty, and they have spoken! We want to congratulate Hmoodle’s Beauty of the Year 2017 Annie Moua. She was our January 2016 Hmoodle Beauty of the Month and since has gained a nice fan base of followers. Hmoodle remembered Annie Moua as the young exotic fresh face where she says confidence grew within her while she fell in love with modelling and to top it all off, she’s a down to earth kinda gal that’s practical to every guy wish list when it comes to finding a match. Remember guys, if you’re looking to catch her attention she doesn’t like a pompous guy who plays the braggadocious role of talking too much about himself.
Instead of a tell all, and if you haven’t had the chance to read her full interview with all her amazing pictures, please click here: Annie Moua

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