2016 Hmoodle Beauty of the Year: Christine Thao


Like always, naming the beauty of the year continues to be our tradition. We cannot claim that the work of prospecting and pinpointing the beauty among beauties is an easy task. Many girls grace our pages every month, all perfect, beautiful, engaging and intelligent. This makes the prospect even more daunting. But at the end, we must separate the wheat from the chaff and give you a winner.

This year Christine Thao, Minnesota walks away with the accolades. Christine was born in Fresno, California and brought up in Minnesota. She is not only comfortable in all the four seasons of Minnesota, but also in love with the state that she has no plans of moving to another state. Minnesota is the land where heart calls home, she says.

Christine is not your average beauty queen. She is a true fusion of beauty and brains. She is well educated and currently enrolled in North Hennepin Community College majoring in Business Administration. Though she is alright in college, she admits she can’t help missing high school.

It’s no doubt life has been fair and great to Christine. She values the simple things in life that can make a difference to other people’s lives. To her making people smile is a big accomplishment. Talking to her has taught us some valuable reasons; not to judge a book by its cover and beauty and brains can go together. We wish her the best and believe the skin is just the lower limit for the humble model.

See her full interviewed here: Christine Thao

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