2015 Hmoodle Beauty of the Year: Susan Xiong


Naming our beauty of beauties has been part of our tradition for a while now. For us, the prospect of actually pinpointing the best among the girls is always a daunting prospect, as all of our beauties of the month are simply perfect. Over the months, numerous girls have graced our pages, all beautiful, intelligent and engaging, yet so different and varied in some ways. Well, at the end of it all, we must have a standout winner and this year, Susan Xiong from Merced, California walks away with the accolades. Let us have a look at who this Asian beauty really is.

There is something quite different about her. Something you cannot quite put a finger on. Maybe it is her quiet beauty or emphatic character. It could be her self-assured demeanor. Whatever it is, it sits pretty on her. Susan is a Hmong girl born and raised in California, our model of month in august 2014, and we are glad she has edged 11 others to walk away with the yearly spoils.

Her interests? She is the quintessential Asian girl. She likes cooking and has experimented with different dishes all her life. She even dreams of owning a small restaurant in the future, a place in which she will sample unique Asian dishes. At the moment, she is waitressing (preparing herself for her future role as a full-fledged restaurant owner in the future, maybe?) part time as well as basically just having fun, doing a little of this and a little of that.

A talk with Susan reveals a different side to her. She is not your average beauty and nothing more’ girl. She is intelligent, engaging and tomboyish. She confesses that she is actually a nerd, striving to read up on things and know the world better. Like many other female bookworms, she has always felt ill at ease with her girl tag. Growing up, she found herself comfortable in the company of boys, playing their games. Girl clothes always made her feel uncomfortable but as she admits with a coy smile, she had to get used to it!

Susan is of Hmong extraction. She loves her religion and follows it. However, she tells us she respects her people and her tradition but is not afraid to be herself. She goes out, she drinks and she tries to have fun. As a parting shot, Susan advices us to live the way we have to, no matter what people say as we are responsible for our own destinies’. Quite a gem, that statement, and boy, don’t we agree! We wish Susan all the best for the future.

See her full interviewed: Susan Xiong

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