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2014 Hmoodle Beauty of the Year: Shong Moua


We’ve started a new tradition with our site naming our beauties spanning the 50 states, heralding to offer to our readers and followers of Asian beauties that reside in our neighborhoods, in our townships or cities, our states of the United States of America. We’ve only to touch the surface, as this world-wide phenomenon of the internet has set off globalization, where we’ve been able to connect to the world with just a click of a button.  We’ve been able to see countless other nation visitors come to this site on a day to day basis spanning from all over the world to include from China, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, the Philippines, and the European nations abroad and much more. There are possibilities in future talks that we’re likely to partake on spanning out to other territories and make this a world-wide tour in the future. There are endless possibilities to what we can achieve, and we’re living it now with the interactions of peoples from all over the world, where we are sprouting the dissemination of knowledge and cultures to our human species!

Back to beauties of the year, we, at Hmoodle, would like to extend our congratulations to Shong Moua to have won the coveted title of Hmoodle’s 2014 Beauty of the year. Thanks to our readers who have come on and shared their opinions in voting this year, we want to thank you all for taking your time to vote for all the beauties that were nominated.

If you’d remembered, Shong Moua, she was our July 2013 Hmoodle beauty. She brought in not just beauty but brains to the table, and we were happy to see that she is one that resides here where Hmoodle had started it all, Minnesota!

In closing our conversation with Shong the last time we’ve interviewed she said, “This world may be small, but there’s so much to do out there. Explore! Live life, and have a good time; try not to let the petty things get in the way of enjoying what you have and what you can do.” Here we leave to you a tidbit from Shong that we can appreciate to say that this is humbling advice from one Hmoodle beauty to you all. Thank you all for reading and once again congratulations Shong Moua!

Shong’s full interviewed

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