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2012 Hmoodle Beauty of the Year


Since 2009 we’ve been scouring the nation for the hottest Hmong/Asian girls to be featured on our site. Every month, without a doubt, I know we have not disappointed you all with any of our featurettes. To be quite honest if we, at, had a choice, every Hmoodle girls that we have had an interview with are winners in our eyes! And that indeed they are! As we reflect into the past twelve months, we can recall that they’re all young, beautiful, and intelligent aspirants on the move in their initial careers to becoming something bigger and better. We want to congratulate you all for giving us your time, and wish the best of luck in each of your future.

With the closing of the voting system midnight of June 15th, 2012, we have a unanimous decision by our audience by a monstrous 5% in the voting! 5% may seem a little to you all, but with 2,383 votes by our viewers 5% tallies up to about 120 votes. That’s 120 votes that she had over the next gal—an amazing feat! Yes, it has been an arduous month and a half in our voting system, but there can be only be one. We have the pleasure to announce to you all that the coveted Hmoodle girl of the Year goes to Duasone Yang! Congrats, congrats, congrats, congrats, and congrats!

As the baton has been passed on from our 2009 Hmoodle Girl of the Year Nancy Hang, then to our 2010 Hmoodle Girl of the Year Amie Keoviva, and on to our most recent 2011 Hmoodle Girl of the Year Melissa Xiong; we know that they’ll be proud of the decision made by our viewers in passing off the baton to our newest 2012 Hmoodle Girl of the Year Duasone Yang.

In closing, as the great July 4th Hmong tournament weekend is drawing near in the immediate future, wishes you all a safe and happy July 4th for 2012. On another note, we would be remiss if we did not express our gratitude to all the readers out there for supporting our site, as well as in placing your ballots! We also want to thank you for your patience and cooperation, as we wouldn’t have done it without you all! It has truly been a heck of a year for us! We hope you visit our site often, and we hope to see you all during the great Hmong MN J4th get together! Hmoodle signing out!

Duasone’s full interviewed

-The Hmoodle Staff

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