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2009 Hmoodle Beauty of the Year: Nancy Hang


The poll has spoken

Without a doubt, there were a lot of Nancy Hang fans out there. She single-handedly ousted over her peers, of all the other nine Hmoodle girls, with a unanimous landslide. Her votes streamed in almost uncontested to take approximately a third of the one hundred eighty votes from our viewers. would like to thank all the other beautifual Hmoodle girls for partaking in this and although you didn’t win you’re winners in our eyes.

From and our staff we’re applauding you Nancy Hang, and giving you a warm congratulation in taking the first ever Hmoodle Girl of the Year. This may be a miniscule and trivial occurrence in your life now, but in the future you’ll definitely reflect back to the past to enlighten your kids and grandkids by saying, “Hey, I was the very first Hmoodle girl of the Year.” Which at that time would be a world-wide phenomenon, a household name for all the Hmong and Asian commmunity of mingle under one roof.

With her sexy swagger, though graciously modest with self-preservation in our interview, she has a gaze that can hypnotize and sedate any staring her way. No wonder she was the favorite.

Again, congratulations for the win. We’d like to also wish you the best of luck in your endeavors in schooling or whatever you wish to pursue on in the future. Hopefully, your aspiring acting career jumps start; which I know you’ll definitely be food at. Farewell and we’ll see your around Nancy Hang.

-The Hmoodle Staff

Nancy’s Full Interviewed

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